Fletcher ‘In Search Of The Antidote’ Album Review

Music sensation Fletcher is back with an eleven track album. Following the success of her previous album, Girl Of My Dreams, In Search Of The Antidote was created out of heartbreak and self questioning, and it proves to be some of her most honest and gripping work to date. 

Opening the album with the line “Here I f**king go again” in track one, Maybe I Am, Fletcher immediately introduces the listeners to what the album stands for – self doubt and self discovery. 

The emotionally charged verses backed with soft guitar strains that transformed into an electric chorus set the tone for what was still to come. 

The groovy bass line of Doing Better follows, showcasing the fast paced pop version of Fletcher that many fans will recognise and love. Focussing on the difficulties of moving on after a breakup, it acts as one of the lyrically strongest of the album. 

One of the most exciting songs on the album is the electro-pop Ego Talking. The upbeat, vocally charged track includes an incredibly catchy chorus that will have people singing it for days. Contrasting this immediately after, Lead Me On slows the tempo, as Fletcher finds herself pleading for recognition from the one she loves, desperate for reconnection. 

Fletcher brings back the pop radio sound for Two Things Can Be True, where it begins as a conversational song that almost feels like a therapy session with yourself. Fletcher spends the time to answer the questions spinning in someone’s head post breakup, “Did we take it too far? Maybe. Did I regret it then? No. Do I regret it now that we don’t talk? Yes”. The track is a stand out from the album as Jennifer Decilveo’s production brings an electric chorus with unnatural chaotic rhythms that make for a truly iconic track. 

Her highly anticipated fan favourite Eras of Us makes Fletcher embrace her lower register, where she attempts to move on from a relationship but is startled to see the other person again. The introduction of euphoric synths, distorted electric guitars and thumping percussion ensures that this will be a much loved track on the album. 

Bringing out her emotional side on the track Attached To You, Fletcher mixes family life with a self-destructive way of keeping people from getting close. Lyrically the song brings a softer side to herself.

Moving straight into the sensual Crush, Fletcher merges the themes of sex and vulnerability, bringing a moody soul sound into the album. This stand out track features no loud productions, ensuring that her amazing vocal range is showcased to the best of her ability.

Pretending could be the life of the album. This peppy pop rock style includes a number of powerful notes. Absolutely guaranteed to be a radio favourite, it brings an incredibly enjoyable energy to the album. 

The incredibly sensual Joyride paints a very vivid narrative, which some would consider similar to Bitter, a previous success by Fletcher. The track holds a conversational tone with a constant guitar in the background, showcasing Fletcher’s vocal range. 

Ending the album with Antidote was definitely the right choice. The bright harmonies bring a sense of catharsis to the album. The build up to the chorus feels like an enjoyable sunny day. It feels like a full circle moment as she started the album in a self destructive manner, but ending it with “Let everybody say what they wanna say”. It is definitely going to be another radio favourite. 

Overall the album provides a tumultuous investigation of identity and fulfilment, it encapsulates the entire process of healing, even the ugly bits. It acts as an unapologetic reflection of the post breakup emotions and once again proves that Fletcher is truly a music sensation. 


In Search Of The Antidote is out now.

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