Norah Jones Releases New Song ‘Staring At The Wall’

Singer/songwriter Norah Jones has released her brand new spirited song Staring At The Wall, ahead of her brand new album, Visions, which is out now.

Along with the song itself, she has released a music video to accompany it. The video, which was directed by Norah and Kyle Paas, features studio footage as well as handwritten lyrics. 

It marks the second track to be released her new album. Speaking on the release, the nine-time GRAMMY winning singer/songwriter said, “This is one of my favourites. It was a left turn from everything else on the album. It’s the first time I played the guitar with Leon, we were just trying to come up with something different. 

I got on the guitar and he got on the drums and it took off. It’s just so fun to play music sometimes, and I feel for this album there were a lot of good times”. 

Visions includes songs that cover themes of wanting to be free and dance, making things right and acceptance of what life will bring. It’s the next step of songs that follow Pick Me Up Off The Floor, Jones’s last album which was released early in 2020, during the pandemic lockdown, and ended up foreshadowing a lot of dark emotions of that period. 

Speaking about her newest album, Jones said, “The reason I called it Visions is because a lot of the ideas came in the middle of the night or in that moment right before sleep. We did most of the songs in the same way, where I was at the piano or on the guitar and Leon was playing drums. I always liked the rawness. It sounds garage-y but also soulful.”

After first emerging onto the stages in 2002 with the release of Come Away With Me, her introductory record that brought her into the spotlight, Norah Jones has grown into a global phenomenon, who is loved everywhere, so it’s no doubt that her upcoming album will be a huge success. 

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