LØLØ Releases Brand New Break Up Single ‘Poser’

Canadian artist LØLØ has released her brand new reflective breakup single, Poser. 

Best known for her fiery directness and complete authenticity, LØLØ continues to deliver with this song. Playing with juxtaposition on the vulnerable track, she contrats caustic lyricism against a solemn sonic backdrop where grungy, understated guitars meet chilly cymbals in order to help mirror her feelings of loneliness, confusion and distress. 

LØLØ uses Poser to move through the memories of her relationship for answers. The track displays a huge depth of emotion, with LØLØ treating it as an opportunity to be open and honest with her fanbase on her feelings. 

Speaking about her new single, LØLØ said, “Poser is about someone who really got me good. They really made me believe they loved me, but it later became clear to me that they couldn’t have. Being a girl who enjoys rocking from time to time, I’ve sadly gotten called a poser many times by internet bullies. 

I thought the word was actually pretty though, so I wrote it down on my notes app after seeing some comments on my page. Since then I always thought it would be cool to use the word poser in relation to love, so this song is for the real posers out there.” 

Recently, LØLØ has wrapped a UK and European tour supporting Against The Current. In November, she had completed a 31 date North American tour with Boys Like Girls, State Champs, 3OH!3, The Summer Set and Four Years Strong for an iconic pop-punk line up.

Watch the video for LØLØ’s brand new single!

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