Emily Burns Makes Her Comeback With Brand New Single, ‘Balcony Floor’

It’s been two years since she released any music, but Emily Burns is back. Balcony Floor, her brand new single is available everywhere now. 

The last time we heard any new music from Emily was back in 2021 when she released her single I’m So Happy. After this, she took a break from releasing any new material.

Speaking about her break from music, Emily said, “When I was released from my old record deal, it took me some time to gather myself and rebuild my confidence. I wasn’t sure if I could find the courage to continue putting music out into the world, until I saw so many of you continuing to listen to me”.

Balcony Floor not only marks the beginning of a new era for Emily’s music, but it is also a song that has a beautiful backstory involving her relationship, demonstrating an extremely happy time in her personal life. 

Talking about how important this song is to her, she said, “I wrote it after playing Latitude festival a couple of years ago. After my set, the tour van was there and ready to drive my girlfriend and I back to London, but we really weren’t ready to leave. We decided to spontaneously skip the ride home and stay at the festival.”

She continued: “The song is about being so utterly and totally in love that the most significant moments are the small ones.” 

Not only is the new single available to stream now, but the new music video, which was filmed in Emily and her girlfriend Grace’s first home together, is also available to watch now. 

Watch the music video for Balcony Floors:

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