Poppy Releases Brand New Single ‘Motorbike’ Ahead Of Her New Album

Singer, songwriter and video director, Poppy has released her brand new single Motorbike. The new song comes just a few weeks before the release of her latest album Zig. 

The sensual track itself is a bassline-driven dark pop anthem, mixing bold beat choices with soft vocals to create a sound that feels just like Poppy. 

On October 27th, her brand new album Zig will become available to fans worldwide. The album is said to be empowering to women as it reflects an artist who has been in the public eye since her teens now coming into her own in her late 20’s as an independent woman who knows what she wants and who she is. 

Songs on the album will include a mix of immersive roiling electronics with candy-coated vocals. At times the music’s cool lacquer gives way to Poppy’s own powerfully screamed lyrics, creating the perfect way to dislodge the pointed pop edges.

Poppy originated from a dance background with her first steps in the creative world being performance art vignettes. As they evolved, Poppy was able to dive deep visually and sonically to experiment in order to create something completely new. 

She initially signed to LA’s Sumerian Records in 2020 where she released her first album, receiving a huge wave of love. It was an album that said no to any labels or genres, and managed to gain over 100 million streams. 

Not only was the album absolutely adored by fans, but her song BLOODMONEY earned her the title of the first ever solo female artist nominated in the Best Metal Performance category for the GRAMMYS.

Listen to the brand new single Motorbike and pre-order her upcoming album Zig now.

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