Mae Muller ‘Sorry I’m Late’ Album Review

“Thank you for waiting”, Mae Muller tells fans as her debut album is finally released to the world. After facing multiple delays due to the pandemic, the aptly titled Sorry I’m Late has arrived, and we are happy to confirm that it has certainly been worth the wait. 

After representing the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, it would be easy to try and dismiss Mae as a one hit wonder, but one listen to Sorry I’m Late will quickly reject any such thoughts. The record shows that while she certainly knows how to write big pop bangers, there are also many other sides to the 26-year-old singer-songwriter. It explores the world of love and loss in a refreshingly frank way, exploring what it’s really like to be a young woman today.

Whatever you’re feeling, there seems to be a track on this album to match. From dance floor fillers like I Just Came To Dance, to more melancholic and intimate tracks like I wish I Could Hate You – Mae’s incredible range is on full show. Something Real and Nervous (In A Good Way) sit comfortably next to Platinum-certified smash Better Days – a US chart-topping collaboration with NEIKED andPolo G, proving she has many more hits to offer. 

Sorry Daniel and Bitch With A Broken Hearts show a different side to Mae, bringing more chilled vibes but still addictive pop melodies. Her impressive vocal range can go from strong and bold to soft and sultry seamlessly. Tatiana featuring Dylan, a contemporary take on Dolly Parton’s Jolene, is another show of powerful pop voices teamed with raw emotion.

MTJL signals the album’s half-way point and is an acoustic, stripped back number that perfectly encompasses the album’s theme of honesty. Described by Mae as a “literal outpouring of all my insecurities”, her powerful vocals take centre stage along with vulnerable, super honest lyrics. Lines such as “I wish I was a morning person, but I’m not I should have called my mum, but I forgot” and “I always feel so undeserving, but I deserve a lot, took some time but now I know I’m not, not just a mess” make this the most poignant track on the album. It is crystal clear Mae really has put her heart and soul into this record.

Me, Myself & I is one of the most fun songs in the collection – an empowering track all about self-love, confidence and being happy alone. Mae’s confidence is infectious, and you can tell she’s had a great time making this album.

Considering this is a 17-track album, at no point does it feel too long or drawn out. Each song has its own exciting, individual hook. A fair number of the tracks fall under the three-minute mark, which can sometimes feel too short when we’ve been enjoying a song so much. Immediately loveable tracks include Breathe, Miss Americana, Little Bit Sad and Something Real. 

Listening to Sorry I’m Late feels like confiding in a friend, a friend who knows how to make you laugh, dance and cry all at the same time. The album seamlessly flows from fun dancefloor fillers to more intimate tracks, all of which make you want to sing along. From relationships, break-ups, dating and about learning to be happy alone – this is a collection of anthems for modern women.

Mae’s debut shows exactly what she is capable of, and we’ll certainly be keeping this one on repeat.

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