In Pictures: Paloma Faith, Symphony Hall, Birmingham, 5th May 2024

If it’s a show that you want then that’s what Paloma Faith will give you, but expect much more…

We caught Paloma Faith at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, for the first of two dates in city, where we saw her dazzle the crowd with more than just her to die for wardrobe. With the recent release of her latest album, The Glorification Of Sadness, Paloma takes you through her journey of not only how the album came about but also the deep, personal emotions behind the songs and the album as a whole, which came about following her divorce.

If there’s one thing we took away from tonight’s show, it’s the reassurance that Paloma Faith is one fiercely talented woman, who has turned her life experiences into art. Oh and also, Eat, Shit and Die is even more amazing live than it is on record, so go grab yourself some tickets and have fun singing along to this and more Paloma classics.

Photographer Jemma Dodd was there to caption the night – check out the photo gallery below!

Paloma Faith is on tour now with tickets for selected dates still available. Listen to The Glorification Of Sadness below:

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