Tom Walker’s Brand New Single ‘Lifeline’ Is Out Now

British music superstar Tom Walker has partnered with CALM for a powerful new single, Lifeline

Following the announcement that he will be an ambassador, Walker, along with the Suicide prevention charity have released a towering ballad that is said to be an emotional tribute to a friend who he sadly lost. 

Recent data has shown that one in five people will have suicidal thoughts in their lifetime, with somebody dying by suicide every 90 minutes on average in the UK. Lifeline aims to explore the feelings and thoughts that go through someone’s head when it affects people close to you, along with questioning what can be done to help. 

Speaking about the track, Tom said, “Me and my friends lost one of our own suddenly and unexpectedly. It’s difficult to process grief. I felt we were all asking ourselves what we could have done differently, or what we could have said. Sometimes people make choices that are beyond your control and it’s hard to help someone who isn’t reaching out. 

My hope is that maybe by writing a song like this that addresses the stigma behind mental health, it might persuade people to think twice and ask for a helping hand when they’re really struggling. CALM is an amazing charity who helps people when things get too much. I’m keen to spread the word about their amazing work in any way that I can.

2019 saw Walker become the biggest UK-signed selling artist, with a number 1 debut album, along with an international hit single Leave A Light On. Now, he is coming back with his brand new studio album, ‘I Am’, which is out later this year. 

While he previously has been known for powerful accounts of other people’s stories, he now finds himself showcasing his own personal struggles and anxieties. The aim of the album is to show who Tom Walker is now, in 2024. 

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