Louis Tomlinson Faith in The Future World Tour at 3Arena Dublin, 8th November 2023

British music sensation Louis Tomlinson brought his Faith In The Future World Tour  to a packed out 3Arena in Dublin. Since embarking on his solo ventures, Louis is proving that he just keeps getting bigger and better. 

The crowd came alive when the lights went down and the upbeat, electric sound of The Greatest played out loud. As the opening track to his 2022 album Faith In The Future, it made sense that he would start his tour with it too. The song was perfectly crafted with the intention of it being a show opener. With the edgy guitar solos and the incredible stage presence, Tomlinson was making his new status as a rock artist apparent from the start. 

Moving through a few of his other biggest hits like Kill My Mind and Bigger Than Me, Tomlinson ensured that the crowd never let the energy die. From very humble interactions with fans throughout the songs, to the incredibly eye-catching graphics on the screen, along with intense strobe lighting, it captivated everyone in the audience. 

Not only did Tomlinson and his band pull out all the stops for the electric upbeat hits, they also brought the emotion to the crowd through the beautiful performances of Chicago and Copy of a Copy of a Copy, with a stand out moment being when the fans enthusiastically shouted the lyrics of the bridge back to him. His incredibly talented band also deserve all the praise for their constant energetic presence that Tomlinson himself expressed his gratitude for. 

One thing that stands out from the Dublin concert was the fan project during the devastatingly beautiful Angels Fly. Fans of Louis are no stranger to making sure fan projects work, but watching the whole arena light up in many different colours was a uniquely satisfying experience. 

It would be easy for Tomlinson to avoid singing One Direction songs, especially since he is now getting the recognition he deserves for his solo career, but he did not. Instead, he showcased his pride of the band and sang his own rendition of both Night Changes and Where Do Broken Hearts Go, both of which are hugely successful hits for the band. 

Ending the night on his anthem Silver Tongues, with the closing lyrics But I don’t feel like going home truly resonated with the fans. The audience did not want the show to end. With the confetti pouring down on the fans, the energy the whole arena had during that final song was unmatched. One thing that never changes in a Louis Tomlinson concert is that he will always go to the barricade during the final song to get as close to the fans as possible and it’s safe to say that this is a well loved moment that ensured fans did not leave the arena feeling disappointment. 

If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Louis Tomlinson concert, then it’s highly encouraged because you will be in for an unforgettable, electrifying experience.

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