Interview: Introducing Jessica Wilde

Brixton based singer, songwriter Jessica Wilde fuses rap and spoken word into her raw and honest songs. Signed with Sony ATV, she’s collaborated with the likes of RudimentalEmeli SandeTough LoveKizzo and has also written for renowned K Pop Label SM Entertainment. Having become sober, beat Covid and moved on in her life without those that don’t bring out the best in her, she’s started a new chapter and shares her stories in each of her tracks.

Growing up Jessica was always surrounded by the arts, with her mum an actress and jazz singer and her dad an actor, it’s no surprise to see that the six-year old who loved to sing and who’s voice stood out, is prepping to release her first album. “I think like obviously because because my mom was a performer and a singer. It was always a reality to me to like that as a career…a nine to five job was really weird to me,” says Jessica.

Talking about her most recent single, LA Boy, which was released last week Jessica says, “it’s more of a rap spoken word… when you hear it some of my songs can be quite honest. And so I hope that the LA boy doesn’t listen to it because he’ll definitely know it’s about him...

It was a short lived kind of holiday romance that I had. But he was actually sober and it really helped me with with going sober. So it became quite, it was quite a pivotal short relationship. Which tied in with the whole theme of the album, which is obviously kind of about my journey to go sober.

Jessica has been gradually releasing tracks from her confessional album, which is due out in March next year. One of her recent singles, and 6th single from the upcoming album was Down To Earth, in which Wilde speaks of how her new found strength allows her to stay grounded in her power and authenticity, knowing when she stays true to herself she can handle anything life throws at her.

“I didn’t put too much pressure on myself with this one actually. Sometimes I get quite anxious when I released music, but I just like really was relaxed with this one. And yeah, felt like I’ve got a really good response like loads of people. I didn’t I like I didn’t put too much expectation on it. Yeah. And just kind of let it flow. And yeah, the response has been amazing like loads of people really connecting to it and then last week, I got BBC Radio six and then BBC Radio One was I was yeah, really happy with how it all turned out.”

We asked Jessica for her advice on bringing yourself back ‘down to earth’ and she quotes meditation and yoga as something that really helped her. “I remember I went down there [to a meditation class] and yeah, just instantly felt kind of connected to that when I got into it. And they did like guided meditations. And yeah, it was from that I kind of went on a bit of a spiritual journey, I guess. So. Yeah, I think the things I think kind of re connecting with something bigger than myself. And yeah, then I got quite into health, like eating well, and I went vegan for a while. Not that veganism is the most healthy thing to do, it’s not necessarily, but at the time it was good for me.

“I got into yoga like all this kind of stuff that that kind of helped helped me to find a more connected happy feeling with life again, you know, without drinking and drugs.”

We can’t introduce you to Jessica, without also introducing her feisty, pink-haired, alter-ego Charlene. Also known as the creator of P*ssY PWR’ playlists and IG Live events, featuring guest appearances from some of the best upcoming women on the scene. ‘P*ssy PWR’ has also launched an ethically produced merchandise range withUK music blog Fame Magazine. So what does Jessica have to say about Charlene? “I guess I what I would say about Charlene is she feels like a side to me that is very like she doesn’t give a fuck you know, I’m saying she’s very like in her power, her pussy power.

Jessica will be performing at Hootananny Brixton on Wednesday 1st December for her first headline show of 2021, along with host Charlene and a full force female line up. “I can’t wait,” says Jessica. “It’s gonna be something special. Something a bit different.”Tickets are available to purchase now.

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