Sea Girls ‘Open Up Your Head’ Tour at Oxford O2 Academy, October 19th 2021

Just over a year on from the release of debut album Open Up Your HeadSea Girlshave taken to the UK to show off their stunning music. The album was a hugely difficult one to get off repeat and finally hearing these songs live was a total dream. With the tour sold out the Sea Girls fanbase have clearly been hungry to see the lads back on stage. With their second album just a matter of months away, it was great to see the band in full swing with no signs of slowing down their rising success and popularity.

Supporting Sea Girls were Isle of Wight four-piece, Coach Party, who well and truly got the crowd geared up for an evening full of absolute hits. With such an ecstatic stage presence, if you weren’t already a fan of the indie band you were left desperate to hear more from them. With a variety of fast pace indie rock tracks, as well as more mellow summer vibes, it was really exciting to watch them. Having previously not heard their music it was fun to go in blind and go away wanting to add the tracks to playlists. Sharing a message to keep each other safe and for girls to be unapologetically loud, it felt like an empowering emotion swept the room. Giving a change of pace, Coach Party played their take on Lizzo’s Truth Hurts mashed up with none other than Nirvana’s In Bloom. An unlikely pairing that worked flawlessly and filled the room with noise. 

Teasing the crowd before coming on stage, Sea Girls opened the show with loud and proud Call Me Out, a song that felt like hitting the rewind button as a proper summer anthem. From the get go it was obvious the band were going to be as loud as possible and ensure the crowd were singing at the top of their lungs. Sea Girls are known for their catchy and candid lyrics that are beyond relatable. With a hugely loyal fan base there was no chance of the evening being a slow one. Following a summer of festivals it felt like the lads had been in training for this moment.

The tracks Sea Girls have shared with us have been absolute belters and hearing them live felt like they were elevated even further. Dotted throughout the set we got to hear three songs from the upcoming album. Unreleased track Home followed break up hit Transplant. Filled with emotion it was truly exciting to get another glimpse into the next era of music the band are taking us to. Do You Really Wanna Know and Ready For More gave a huge energy boost; with Henry encouraging the excitement and for everyone to dance along. Seeing Henry, Rory, Oliver, and Andrew all on stage, finding it almost impossible to stop smiling, just showed off the gratitude they felt to be on the stage, performing the songs they love at last to crowds that know every single lyric.

Another new song tease came in the form of Lonely, teaching us a few lyrics and beats of the song, this emotionally charged track is set to be a hugely popular fan favourite. Giving a slightly different sound to what we’re used to, this track almost felt ballad like while still holding onto the iconic indie pop sound. It’s a bittersweet thing getting to hear unreleased music live at gigs as it’s hard to stop thinking about it for so long after and hearing Lonely did just that. 

Coming to the end of the setlist the beat is raised again with up beat and energetic songs that have to be sung loud to do justice for the sweat drenched shows Sea Girls put on. Damage Done and All I Wanna Hear You Say did just that. With All I Wanna Hear You Say’s loud and synth guitar sound, it feels like one of the best songs to draw the end of the show with. Giving off once final loud dance moment for the crowd before walking off and teasing the ever infamous ‘end’ to a show before returning for an encore.

Walking back on stage solo, Henry gave the crowd the first of two encore songs. You Over Anyone beautifully filled the room with a slower few moments and packed full of emotion – it felt perfect. Totally stripped back with simply an acoustic guitar just showed off even further the range the band has. 

Ending the evening on another new album track, Sick was a great close to the night. With a slightly different sound, again this funky track is one with moments you can just really get stuck into. With its prominent bass lines and drum beats, it’s hard to avoid bopping along. Shining through with Rory’s guitar hooks that’ll draw you in, the song marks the start of the exciting next era for Sea Girls and builds more excitement for hearing more songs from Homesick live.

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