Interview: Introducing Lizzy Farrall

Lizzy Farrall is challenging the perceptions of pop music, bringing her own alternative style and distinctive voice to the genre. She’s already been confirmed for this year’s 2000 Trees Festival, is heading off on tour with Set It Off in April and will be releasing her first album next month. We had a chat to find out more…

What sparked your interest in music? Can you remember that moment that inspired you to write and sing?
Music has always been a huge interest and passion of mine, it feels like it was instinctive for me to be involved in it. When I was very young I remember messing about with the keys on the family’s piano and singing random lyrics. 

How would you describe your style and music? And what inspires/influences your style?
I don’t really know how I would describe either, as I don’t really wanna be tied down to a set genre of music. I have a wide music taste and writing music strictly in one genre does not appeal to me, I feel it wouldn’t let me fully express myself creatively. 

Your debut album is due for release on 27th March, what’s the meaning behind the title ‘Bruise’? Who would you say this album is for?
The album title ‘Bruise’ is a metaphor for something that isn’t permanent. A lot of the topics of the songs are about hard situations that, when you’re going through them, feel like they’re permanent and you struggle to see at that time that they are not. I would be lying if I said that my album isn’t for me, it’s my art and I’m doing it to express myself, but I do strongly believe that a lot of the topics I sing about are very relatable and I hope can give light to people who are going through similar situations be letting them know that they are not alone. 

You’ve collaborated with the likes of Miles Kent (Catch Fire), Chris Curran (PVRIS, Handguns), Anton Delost (Bearings, Seaway), and Brett Romnes (I Am The Avalanche), what did each of these bring to your vision?
Miles Kent is a close friend of mine and also plays guitar for me live, he really understands my ideas and is a fantastic guitarist. We’re very similar in the way we write, we like to push boundaries and love to tie different genres together. 

Chris Curran was the first person I ever did a writing session with, we gelled so well. Chris, as well as having a background in the alternative scene, also does a lot of work within electronic/dance music so he really helped me to bring out more upbeat and synth-based instrumentation. 

Anton Delost is honestly a harmony king, he’s such a positive person to have in a creative space and he really knows how to write a catchy melody. He’s got a lot of knowledge for pop music so he really taught and helped me a lot.  

Brett Romnes, as well as producing, mixing and endangering the album, tracked all the drums. I owe a lot to Brett as he really pushes me creatively in the best way, has so much passion and wisdom from being in this industry for so long, taught me so much and also made all my ideas come to life. He really believed in what I was creating, which made me believe in it too. 

You’ve already released three singles from the album, ‘Games’ back in 2019, ‘Barbados’ at the beginning of 2020 and earlier this month ‘Addict. What’s it been like watching the reaction of these singles and waiting for the album to be released?
Honestly it’s been a real mix of emotions. I feel each song has been so different from the last, which I love, and I’ve been so lucky to have really only seen such a supportive and positive reaction, but I’m always so nervous leading up to releases as I’ve been sitting on this album for a year now, which feels like a lifetime. I’m just so excited to finally have it out to the world and hopefully people like it as much as I do. 

If you had to pick one song as your favourite off the album, what would it be? And can you tell us the story behind the song?
God this is such a hard one for me. I think it would have to be ‘Addict‘. I feel ‘Addict’ is such a visual song, the instrumentation takes you somewhere, the whole concept of it was to make you feel like you were in a crime scene. I wanted it to be one of those songs you listen to and imagine yourself in the music video, and also it’s just such a fun song to play live. 

In April you’re heading off on tour with Set It Off, what can we expect to see from you at these shows?
All new music from the album and some really cool stage stuff going on.

What does the rest of 2020 look like for you?
It looks super exciting but also very busy, and honestly I can’t wait!

Catch Lizzy supporting Set It Off on tour in April. Tickets are on sale now.

8th April Stylus, Leeds 
9th April Garage, Glasgow
11th April Waterfront, Norwich
12th April Academy 2, Manchester
13th April Riverside, Newcastle
15th April O2 Institute, Birmingham
16th April Tramshed, Cardiff
17th April Heaven, London

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