Interview: Twinnie Talks Acting, Inspirations & Her Latest Single

You may recognise her from her TV days appearing in Hollyoaks, but now Twinnie-Lee Moore will be gracing your screens with her musical talents. The singer-songwriter is about to release her first ever album and has a year crammed full of tour dates already lined up! Ahead of International Women’s Day we caught up with the mega talented lady to discuss her latest single Type of Girl and find out what women inspire her…

What inspired you to become a singer songwriter?
I’ve always loved storytelling, writing poems, expressing my thoughts through lyrics and equally, I’ve always loved singing and performing so it was just a natural stepping stone for me really. 

Growing up who were your musical influences? Was country music a big part of your upbringing?
Gilbert O’SulivanBob Dylan, and old school Hollywood movie musicals. I’m an old soul! I grew up watching Marilyn MonroeJudy Garland, they were triple threats and l always knew l would do that. Apparently, I was dancing before I could walk, singing before I could speak and was a drama queen from the day I was born, so that says it all really! And yes, of course l have always loved country music, absolutely but l never really like to put music in strict categories. l just love music that makes me feel, be it country, hip hop, soul, it’s all about the lyrics, the melody, and the voice. Country music tends to have a special way of capturing storytelling and I think that’s one of the reasons I naturally steered that way. 

Many people may know you from your TV appearances, has your experience as an actress influenced you as a performer in terms of your music?
Yes, it’s all played a part in my journey. I think with acting you learn how to get into a character and tell their story, but as an artist you can often find yourself stripped bear so to speak. You are yourself, you can’t hide behind anything – it’s terrifying! The acting though does help get into my performance character though I guess when on stage – but then I’ll sing a song about something emotional and cry my eyes out! Acting has definitely helped me though play characters, act in music videos etc and find a certain confidence on stage.  

You recently released your debut single Type Of Girl, which is the first single from your upcoming album Hollywood Gypsy, what’s the story behind the song?
I’m basically saying that I’m human. I’m not perfect, if you’re with me you get the good with the bad and its ok to not be perfect all the time. I’m proud of who I am – take me or leave me! I wanted it to feel upbeat and humorous though. The video is all about females who have inspired me – they seem perfect on one hand, but they have imperfect moments. It’s about women who have stood the test of time.

What else can we expect from the album?
My journey so far! It speaks my truth. Everything I’ve written has come from an experience. Some good, some bad.

With International Women’s Day coming up we want to know who are you heroines?
There are so many! I am such a fan of women who have stood their ground, particularly against the odds. Hilary and Chelsea Clinton, really inspired me recently with their book they brought out, showcasing so many amazing women through the ages who deserve recognition. 

Katherine Johnson who changed the game for women and particularly black women, Meryl Streep for being an incredible actress who helps empower other female actresses. Also, obviously all the women I have based my Type Of Girl video on (Ginger RogersMarilyn MonroeShania TwainCindy CrawfordGreta ThunbergRosalind FranklinShirley Muldowney) – We made some fun top trump cards of me in character! 

Are there any women in the industry that you’d like to give a special shout out to?
All the above and more. For the younger generation Billie Eilish who talks so honestly about struggles with depression and anxiety, whilst at the same time has the most beautiful voice and great music which really speaks to people on so many levels. Lady Gaga who does the same. Also, I have to just mention here, Caroline Flack who tried so hard to have a voice and just got beaten down. I say this particularly because the message now coming through from that, finally is to be kind. A message Caroline tried to shout about and it is key to everything I think. Women who have a voice and a platform and use it for good, they are the people l shout out to.  

If you had to give young women one piece of advice what would it be?
Be true to yourself. Be the best version of yourself you can be. Don’t try to be perfect and realise that happiness doesn’t come from having the perfect body, or the flashiest possessions, it comes from loving yourself within. Try and talk to people if you feel sad, don’t be afraid and if anyone makes you feel not worthy, rise above them and prove them wrong! Tell yourself everyday that you are amazing. 

You’re heading out on tour later this month, are you excited?
l am SO excited! Going out on my very first headline tour is a dream come true. We’re heading to Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, my hometown York, and London. Get tickets if you haven’t already, l need the friendly faces there! 

What does the rest of 2020 look like for you?
Busy! I have C2C this weekend in Berlin and next weekend at London’s O2 Arena, l’m then heading out on tour, l’m off to Nashville to finish recording something special (stay tuned!) then coming back and joining Rick Astley at his Newcastle Arena show on 11th April. l’m then releasing my debut album on 17th April, going out on a special female tour (details to be announced soon!) doing promo for the album, joining Jools Holland on his tour in May, a bunch of summer festivals… and lots more being planned at the moment. So, a pretty busy 2020 l think! 

Twinnie heads on her UK tour later this month

Tue 17th – Glasgow, Stereo 
Wed 18th – Manchester, Deaf Institute 
Thurs 19th – Birmingham, O2 Academy 3
Fri 20th – Bristol, The Louisiana
Sun 22nd – York, The Crescent 
Tue 24th – London, Omeara

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