Hozier at Alexandra Palace, London, 21st July 2023

Since his arrival on the music scene in 2014, Irish artist Hozier has gone from strength to strength, taking on larger venues as his popularity has rapidly climbed beyond imagination. Never has this been more evident than when he took to the Alexandra Palace Park stage to perform his biggest London show to date.

With the picturesque setting of the London skyline behind him, the Bray-born singer-songwriter tore up the stage with hit after poetic hit, perfectly treading the line between fan favourites and unreleased songs that enraptured the crowd and echoed out across one of the most stunning venues we have ever been privileged enough to experience. 

Believe it or not, his voice is even better live than on his albums (despite dropping an electric guitar on his foot within mere seconds of his first song). From Eat Your Young to the gut-wrenching Work Song, the musician charmed the crowd with witty remarks and vocals far more emotive, controlled, and powerful than any we have experienced before. 

Couple this with the electric talent and musical chemistry of his incredible band (who deserve all the praise) and you have one of the most atmospheric and flawless concerts you can imagine. 

What truly stood out to us, however, was the sweeping journey the performer was able to take us on through his almost decade long discography. 

From the heavier Dinner & Diatribes to the utterly devastating Francesca, and into what was a gorgeous performance of Like Real People Do, which saw him perform a spine-chilling duet with support act (and undeniable talent) Victoria Canal, fans from all walks of life were taken on a nostalgic journey of an artist whose work has so deeply affected them and in so many ways.

But undeniably, the most stunning moment of the night belonged to the only time the adored artist appeared on stage alone: His performance of Cherry Wine. 

What could have been an anti-climactic start to the encore was arguably one of the most powerful moments of the night. Where the sold out, adoring crowd crooned along to the powerful lyrics and held their phone lights aloft to show their undying love and support. 

If you want to experience a joyous evening with one of the best live artists of recent years, do yourself a favour and see Hozier live whilst you can, because if you do, you’re in for an enchanting evening that will stay with you long after the show has ended.

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