Paris Paloma at Camden Assembly, London, 30th May 2023

Never has an audience member’s comment been so apt as Paris Paloma ended the first song of her sold out night at the Camden Assembly.

The Derbyshire-born artist, whose viral hit Labour catapulted her into the mainstream earlier this year, broke hearts with her captivating vocals that echoed around the walls of the two hundred capacity venue and wrapped around her audience with a warmth and familiarity like that of a blanket in the dead of winter.

The acoustics, coupled with her incredible band and the support of the equally flawless Siobhan Winifred, gave way to some of the most intense emotions we have ever felt at a concert. 

Starting with Notre Dame, Paloma had us in the palm of her hand from the beginning, and with songs like Village Song (which we are unashamed to admit made us weep for a home we’ve never known) and Foresaken, it was clear to all in the room that the artist was destined to put a spell on future audiences, big and small.

But it was songs like The Fruits and Labourwhich really roused the crowd to sing. These two chant-like anthems united this group of strangers, and it was clear from the musician’s beaming face that it meant as much to her as it did to us.

In this singular moment, Paris Paloma reminded us why we love live music. Her emotive and flawless vocals tore through our bodies and left the entire room craving more long after the house lights had lifted.

Please do yourself a favour and see Paris Paloma while you can, because we have no doubt that she is going to be a huge star one day, and we at Pop Sins cannot wait to see it (even if we do selfishly want to keep her to ourselves… At least for a little while!)

Check out Paris Paloma’s latest single Labour below:

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