Lime Garden ‘One More Thing’ Album Review

Lime Garden is one of the brightest prospects in the current UK scene. The Brighton based quartet have spent the last few years honing their craft on the live circuit as well as releasing a steady stream on undeniably great singles. All of this of course has been leading to the release of their Debut full length album One More Thing

There is a wonderful mix of sensibilities at play in Lime Garden’s songwriting. Managing to meld the general apathy of Slacker Rock, the dry wit of Britpop & the overall sense of Gen Z frustration and angst, creating something uniquely them in the process. Whether it’s the daydreaming of something more of I Want To Be You, the tongue in cheek Pop Star or the heart sick anti balladry of Love Song you get an instant sense of who they are.

Even amongst all of that they find time for a tender moment or two, Mother, which as the name would suggest is about a conversation Vocalist Chloe Howard had with her mum.Further into the album you get to some of the more emotional songs. Like the fragility of Pine and Looking, showcasing a more stripped down side to the band. Whereas Fears deals with anxiety and the idea that everything is going to come crashing down.

One More Thing is a brilliantly assured album from a band on the rise displaying their growth in real time. While they have toned down some of the quirkier elements from their initial sound, the band they are becoming is now in full view. Very few bands manage to juggle so many different elements quite as effortlessly as this. With this upward momentum and these songs in their back pocket the next few years could be really special for Lime Garden.


One More Thing is out on February 16th via So Young Records. Album pre orders and tickets for their upcoming tour can be found on the band’s official website.

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