Mae Stephens Returns With Another Infectious Bop ‘ADHD’

If you don’t know the name Mae Stephens, we’ve got to ask… where have you been?! After the phenomenal global success of debut single If We Ever Broke Up Mae is back with brand new track ADHD.

Following an insanely successful debut in 2023, 20 year-old Mae Stephens firmly established herself as one to watch – connecting with audiences around the world and accumulating almost 1 billion streams, as well as being named the second most popular song on TikTok in 2023! Across the summer Mae performed at festivals including The Great Escape (where NME named her in their ’10 Best New Artists’) the world famous Glastonbury, as well as headlining the BBC Radio 1 introducing stage at Reading and Leeds festival.

Speaking about the year Mae says, “Where do I even start. 2023 gave me everything I ever wanted. I have so many people to thank, from the people who supported me from the beginning to the fans that streamed the song to my family who have been the biggest support to me this last year. It has been one hell of a whirlwind and definitely a year I won’t forget. 2023 you gave me hope that in dark times you can push through and succeed to enjoy the simple things in life. But moving on 2024 is the time and place for some new tunes and a new turn in my musical journey. Expect some weird and wonderful surprises and maybe some hidden gems at the end. 2024 is going to be an incredible year but to send 2023 off with a bang. If we ever broke up…. I’d be 100% be sad. Thankyou 2023 you gave me my dream. Cheers! 🥂

It’s effortless to say we’ve all been eagerly waiting what bop Mae would next grace our ears with and new track ADHD has smashed it out of the park. With a funky energy and catchy base line matched to candid experiences of ADHD, overstimulation, and OCD, its bound to be a relatable comfort hit for many. 

Delving into the track Mae added, “ADHD is a really important track for me. It’s about my process of going through understanding myself, and how the word ‘disorder’ is the wrong term for it, as it’s my normality. To anyone with ADHD, you are seen, and you are loved.”

Rewinding back just a year Mae was finding solace in music making between working shifts at ASDA. Songwriting since the age of 12, music has guided and influenced her life through hardships of teenage life, and her mental health journey. Pouring her heart and energy into emotional and impactful songs penned on her nan’s old piano. 

Like many, school wasn’t easy being a target of bullying. Targeted for being “loud and quirky” Mae still didn’t let it get her down – with icon Freddie Mercury as one of her biggest musical influences, she’s on a journey of embracing what makes her unique and learning not to care about others opinions. As a champion of bops and role model energy its clear 2024 will be the year of Mae Stephens. 

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