RLY Release New Single ‘Superpower’

Hot new band RLY (Real Like You) have released their new single Superpower via Darco Recordings following the success of their debut single Love Me or Not. The band, consisting of Jess, Kelli, Kyra, Halle and Virginia, has amassed a whopping 1.7 million TikTok followers and are evidently taking the world by storm.

The new release is a song of empowerment, about finding the silver linings from your darkest days.  The band says it is about “making it through something that almost breaks you” and “pushing on through these moments of darkness”.  Band member Jess mentioned that whilst writing this song, she was just starting to overcome her own mental health battles and the writing process helped to empower her. She added, “I hope other people see their own strength when they hear it”.

With five strong women using their abundance of creative energy, empowerment will always be at the forefront of their work. The band have spent the last few years writing and recording new music and have a myriad of songs set to be released over the coming months. This isn’t the last you have heard of RLY and there is no doubt that their road to success has just begun.

Superpower is out now!

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