British musician Toby Sebastian has released his brand new single, Real Kicks.

Toby Sebastian began to rise in fame back in 2012, when he launched himself into an acting career, playing roles such as Trystane Martell in Game Of Thrones and Andrea Bocelli in the biopic The Music Of Silence. Despite his love for music, Toby is still determined to follow his acting career alongside his musical pursuits, as he is set to feature in the new Sky Original, Coffee Wars.

His debut album was released in 2013, which led to his popularity skyrocketing, with thousands of fans supporting him. Perhaps his most popular single, Midnight, was released last year and features vocals from his sister, Florence Pugh. This track has gained over 2 million streams and features signature soulful elements and guitar riffs to reflect their childhood memories.

The track, which is said to have been influenced by the ’60s and ’70s, is a nostalgic take on the pop and soul genre. The song features his staple raspy voice, alongside memorable guitar riffs. The track is one of a kind – and feels as if it belongs in a coming-of-age movie.

Listen to Real Kicks below:

Speaking about his newest release, Toby says that Real Kicks was a “slow burner”, but he knew it was “something special.” He continued, “Every time I played a few chords people always remembered it and I think that’s due to the nostalgia that it evokes…I guess it’s my take on the 70s music I grew up listening to.”

Toby has certainly made his mark on the music scene – having sold out headline shows at Islington O2 Academy in 2021 as well as Omeara in 2022. He is also planning a new set of live shows for fans, which are set to be announced soon.

Toby Sebastian’s combination of husky vocals and relaxing guitar riffs proves him to be a multi-talented artist, who fans cannot wait to hear more of this year.


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