If you have ever seen a performance of our favourite Geordie rockstar you will know that he can put on one hell of a show. But what you may have seen on a television screen is nothing compared to the mind-blowing brilliance of a live Sam Fender show.

With support from up and coming artists like Beeabadoobee and Fontaines D.C., the 45,000 strong crowd was buzzing long before the twenty eight year old took to the stage for the biggest show of his career.

But the atmosphere truly heightened upon Fender’s entrance. An indescribable feeling of excitement and unadulterated joy, the musician took his audience through hit songs like Will We Talk and Spit of You, rousing a loud and slightly off key singalong.

The Geordie answer to Springsteen (yes that’s right, we said it!) glided between hardcore mosh-pit inducing anthems like Howdon Aldi Death Queue to the more harrowing and emotional songs like The Dying Light with ease, taking the audience on a journey through personal experiences that he intermixed with charming crowd interactions, endearing him to his adoring fans.

The night ended with arguably his most famous singles: Saturday, Seventeen Going Under and Hypersonic Missiles. Sam Fender could not have picked a more perfect end to an all-round perfect night. Not only are the songs incredibly well-written, but they have this ability to bring together people from all walks of life and make it impossible to feel alone, even in such a large crowd.

This is why you need to see Sam Fender as a matter of urgency. What he manages to do through his concerts is nothing short of remarkable. Whether you go to his show alone or with a group of friends, you will inevitably come out with both an unforgettable experience and twenty new friends (at least!)

Even after the show ended the roads of Finsbury Park echoed with 45,000 adrenaline-fuelled voices screaming the artist’s lyrics, united by mutual love for an unimaginably talented musician.

Sam Fender is a must see for any music or concert fan, and there is no doubt that with his discography and natural command of the stage, he will be a staple of British music for years to come.

Early in the night Fender stated, “I’m gonna remember this one for a long time I think.” Don’t worry Sam, so will we!

Listen to Fender’s latest single Alright below:


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