Award-winning pop-rock band 5SOS has announced that they will be coming to London to perform an exclusive one-night-only show at the iconic Royal Albert Hall. 

The news has come shortly after the release of their newest single, Blender. The track maintains the band’s signature lively sound and their silky, satisfying vocals. The song is taken from their highly anticipated upcoming album, 5S0S5, which is being released on the 23rd of September. The song, which was produced by Peter Thomas and Jake Torrey, reiterates their pop-punk sound and gives fans an exciting look into what to expect from the group’s 5th studio album.

Listen to Blender down below.

5SOS5 is likely going to be one of the band’s most personal albums yet. It is said to encompass the growth and unique artistry that they have acquired through their 10-year career in the industry, with a focus on intimate lyrics and iconic sounds. The majority of the album has been written by the band, and member Michael Clifford has been a leader on the production side. Their dedicated involvement, as well as the legendary producers they have working with them, makes this album release an exciting one. Alongside many brand new tracks, 5SOS5 will feature some of their most recent hits, including COMPLETE MESS and Me, Myself & I

5SOS have made their staple in the music industry over the past 5 years, and do not seem to be slowing down. Given their previous history and the success of Blender, there is no doubt that fans will be impressed with their newest body of work.

Tickets to 5SOS’ one-night-only show at the Royal Albert Hall are on sale now. Their Newest album, 5SOS5, is available for pre-order now.

5SOS5 tracklist:


Easy For You To Say

Bad Omens

Me Myself & I

Take My Hand




You Don’t Go To Parties



Best Friends


Red Line







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