Olivia Rodrigo & Baby Queen at O2 Academy Birmingham, 4th July 2022

If a fun and energetic show is something you’re craving this year, you couldn’t have chosen better than seeing Olivia Rodrigo. The singer seemed in her element to the delight of fans whilst support Baby Queen brought the kind of exciting energy any artist would be glad to start with.

From the very beginning Baby Queen had the crowd hyped up and involved, starting with Internet Religion it was a joy to watch her enjoy her time and put her all in. The upbeat sound of her music paired with the energy she brings to a show was an electrifying start to the night and the excitement didn’t stop there. Fans who attended the Birmingham show were given a treat with a song only released a few hours prior. Nobody Really Cares is exactly the kind of song you can connect with, the message to just be yourself and do what makes you happy really resonates and as Baby Queen had the crowd jumping, draped in a pride flag it was clear she was doing exactly that.

Baby Queen’s energy was a perfect compliment to Olivia Rodrigo, light and fun with passion in every message she gave. The positivity that radiates from her is addictive and her love for her art shines through. A true delight to see and a joy to feel the carefree, self-loving and passionate energy Baby Queen exudes with every moment she’s on stage. Ending her set with Want Me was perfect as after this performance it’s clear that Baby Queen is somebody that anyone would want on tour.

There’s only one way to describe the energy before Olivia Rodrigo entered: electrifying. The anticipation was almost palpable as fans waited with bated breath. Brutal may have been the name of her first song, but there was nothing brutal about Olivia’s performance. The crowd’s excitement and screams were almost a physical feeling as the singer began with the kind of fun energy we all adore. She really shows in every moment how much she is enjoying herself and it’s great to see an artist who can have so much fun on stage and with the crowd. Fans seem to agree with paper hearts with the message “We Love You” being lifted throughout the venue after a brief pause to help a collapsing fan at the beginning of hope ur ok. Thanking fans for the gesture Olivia kept the energy up with a quick outfit change from the fun punky corset top, skater skirt and boots to a baby pink ballerina skater dress. 

Every moment Olivia is on stage is exciting, whether it’s showing her talent switching between playing piano or playing the guitar; dancing across the stage; or just letting everyone know that she’s “having the best fucking time”, Olivia is a joy to watch perform and it’s impossible to resist the magnetic joy she displays at every moment. This show truly was a showcase of her talent and love for her craft and other’s as she treated the crowd to covers of Avril Lavigne’s Complicated and Ready to Go by Republica. Her love of these songs and sheer excitement was infectious

Of course, fans were excited for the 19-year-old to share how much she had enjoyed the tour, with Birmingham being her second to last show she made sure to add a new sticker to her set, something she had done to commemorate each stop on her tour. Her performance of favourite crime highlighted how poetic her music can be as the singer shared her tendency to think of songs as “really long poems”. The mellow nature of this song was a beautiful beginning to what would be the end of the show. Olivia is an incredibly emotive performer, inviting fans to feel the songs through her obvious commitment to them.

The atmosphere never wavered as the energy was brought back with traitor and deja vubefore a fun surprise as Olivia herself took a literal whack at the drums, before throwing the drumstick into the crowd. A show that started with a bang also ended with one with the final chorus of good 4 u being accompanied with an explosion of confetti above the crowd. A party atmosphere ending in with kind messages and notes on the confetti. As her tour nears its end one thing is clear: Olivia Rodrigo has enjoyed every moment of it and so has anyone lucky enough to attend.

Words by Dani Dodd.

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