Praised as ‘uplifting’ by DIY and ‘sentimental’ by Gigwise, the latest track by Wings Of Desire, is set to inspire listeners to want to live in the moment.

The London-based duo have released the new track A Million Other Suns to a range of success and positive acclaim. Chloe Little and James Taylor are inspired by many genres within their music, but they described how this particular track’s invention came from “long summer nights and escaping the mundane.” The group explain how their music is also inspired by the work and theories of famous linguist Noam Chomsky. More specifically, his theory that an uneven spread of money and power in society leads to a change and manipulationnin the media. This speculation has allowed Little and Taylor to create music inspired by the mystifying means of being human and the meaning of life. 

This song does exactly that. A Million Other Suns is the group’s second single to be released this year after they began releasing tracks together under the Wings Of Desire back in 2020.

Check out the track below:

The song’s success and the bright reviews of the duo’s previous releases, has led to them being longlisted for this year’s Emerging Talent Competition at Glastonbury. Furthermore, Wings Of Desire also supported Nation Of Language, an indie pop band from Brooklyn, in the UK earlier in the year and now, on the European leg of their tour. 

It is a perfect track to be released in time for summer. Check out the stunning visuals of the music video below:


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