Fans of Twinnie will be thrilled to hear that her latest relatable yet heart wrenching track, One Heart has finally been released. 

One Heart is said to be the second part of Twinnie’s four-part journey to self-love and acceptance for all. It follows the release of her majorly successful single, Welcome To The Club, which Billboard described as the “perfect dancefloor-ready, uplifting and inclusive pop-country anthem”. 

The song, which was produced by Grammy-nominated Ben Johnson, is beautifully written, following a story of unrequited love throughout. The emotionally driven lyrics make it a unique tune to Twinnie’s specific situation, but her vulnerability also allows listeners to sympathise with it as well. The style of the song is similar to that of artists such as Taylor Swift and is a great listen with a lot of replay value.

Listen to ‘One Heart’ now:

When speaking about the track, Twinnie explains that it is “the catalyst for what’s to come”, and describes it as “the heartbeat” of her upcoming project. In terms of the song’s specific significance to her, she said, “it goes back to the core belief that it takes two people to make a relationship work, but it only takes one to break both hearts”. This logic can be heard in the lyrics “it only takes one heart to break two” which is repeated during the chorus.

Twinnie’s newest track is soothing yet emotional, and is one of her best songs yet. Fans may be shocked at the contrast between One Heart and Welcome To The Club, as they both produce very different sounds and atmospheres, but this has clearly shown Twinnie’s vocal and musical ability – making the anticipation for her next release even more intense.


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