Royal Blood aren’t just a band you want to see live, they’re a duo you NEED to see live. Performing in Cardiff at the Motor Point arena, Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher did not disappoint. With support from The Amazons; you knew you were in for an outstanding evening of live music.

Opening with In My Mind, a total anthem of a track, The Amazons had the audience hooked. With a mix of bangers and indie rock tunes you can just vibe to, this felt like the perfect support act. Second track Mother had a more relaxed vibe with heavier moments that allowed you to fully take in the joy of live music being back in full swing. Being a more casual key fan of The Amazons with a few tracks on playlists, Mother really made me want to go on a deep dive of the rest of their music.

With a recent announcement of a third album, you could tell from this performance the band were here to make their mark and gear us up for brand new music by reminding fans just what they’re about. Diving into recent release Bloodrush, this was a close second behind Black Magic for my favourite track to hear live. Bloodrush showed off a different vibe to other music I’ve heard from The Amazons with a brighter and more indie rock sound.

Closing their set on Black Magic was the perfect way to go out. This song has long been a favourite of mine for it’s stand out intro going into an incredible drum fill and catchy guitar riffs. This song has a huge amount of energy and one that sounds incredible just played through speakers or headphones, but truly comes to life when played live. With The Amazons heavily on the festival circuit this summer, it’s a set you’ll want to catch and enjoy over and over again.

Opening their set Royal Blood kicked off with punch track Typhoons, giving the crowd a great introduction to an evening of non-stop bangers. With a setlist filled with a good mix from all albums, there was a track that had everyone bursting with excitement at some point.

Boilermaker was a truly great track to hear live. With an incredibly funky synth break down toward the end of the track it further added to the catchiness of this tune all while showing off Mike Kerr’s vocal range. Hitting the higher notes while smoothly riding into darker and heavier vocals. This track that really got the crowd going and opened up mini mosh pits throughout the crowd.

Going into Lights Out with a slower build up, fans were given a few moments to catch their breath for going wild once again for another incredible track. With tracks from Royal Blood you’re often given such a range in mood within one track and this track beautifully showed it off.

Moving further back into their discography with Come On Over gave a quick throwback to Royal Blood’s debut album before diving back to most recently release with Trouble’s Coming from 2021 release Typhoons. In the run up to this show we said this was a track that needs to be heard live, and it did not disappoint. This track holds an incredible, punchy baseline and totally filled the venue with its sound.

With really simple lighting and stage set up, the talent of these musicians truly shone through. This show is one that’s truly difficult to put into words that do it justice. With additional drum fills and extended guitar solos, you never wanted any song to end with how insane it sounded.

Recent single Honeybrains raised an already energetic atmosphere, and brought additional excitement with new Royal Blood music. Little Monster was another huge highlight of the evening With a bold opening and seductive vocals this track had the crowd getting even more excited from the first notes. With a chorus you have to sing along to so loud you may lose your voice, it’s the dream track for a live show. With incredible solos from Mike and Ben already in the track, this performance was made that extra bit special with an extended drum solo paying tribute to late Taylor Hawkins; a truly emotional few minutes for the entire crowd.

With fan favourites Loose Change and Figure It Out closing off the main set, it left the crowd hungry for more and curious for what songs would be played on a forth coming encore.

Starting the encore with All We Have Is Now gave a few moments of calm and a total change in pace. This stunning track had such a haunting and silencing affect across the arena it sent huge shivers all throughout your body. Adding this track into the set really showed off that Royal Blood really can do anything. Ending the evening with Ten Tonne Skeleton and Out Of The Black gave two more throw backs to the debut album and truly hit the fans hunger for old school Royal Blood.

Photos from the Utilita Arena show in Birmingham.


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