Fresh off the back of recent album announcement, Harry Styles hasn’t kept us in the dark to for long without sharing new music. Giving us a glimpse into the new album, Styles just dropped first single from forthcoming album Harry’s House.

As It Was is the perfect track for the start of spring with its super bright and bouncy opening, you already know this song is going to be stunning to dance to at Love On Tour. Harry’s delicate vocals shine through so beautifully with such a mellow sound to the track, it feels almost therapeutic.

It wouldn’t be a Harry Styles release without a gorgeously artistic video to match. Showing off his iconic fashion sense and dance moves, you know this has had a whole bunch of love and attention poured into it.

For such a short and sweet track, it’s easy to have this on repeat over and over again. It’s got the distinctive Styles sound while also branching out into something a little different. As It Was has the gentle and recognisable story telling vibe, leaving you reflecting and feeling like you’ve been on a journey. Lyrics throughout the track, such as those in the second verse ( “Answer the phone “Harry You’re no good alone, why are you sitting at home on the floor? What kind of pills are you on?”) give off a huge sense of opening up to vulnerability and subtle nod to the pressures of life in the public eye and judgements or assumptions you may face.

Toward the end of the track we’re given a little breakdown with Styles singing in almost a spoken word style, matched with what sounds like church bells sending us out. With this it adds to the expression of vulnerability by adding in a desire to actually have some sense of privacy with the things that matter most and just take pause from reality.

“Go home, get ahead, light-speed internet I don’t wanna talk about the way that it was, Leave America, two kids follow her I don’t wanna talk about who’s doin’ it first.”

This gorgeous track is just the beginning of what looks to be an incredibly bright and funky album campaign thats totally full of love.


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