With The Wombats next tour just around the corner, the trio have got us even more excited sharing a sneak peak at their up coming set list. Getting us ready for an evening of dancing, we’ve been given a warning of what tracks we need to rehearse.

The Spotify playlist shared by the band has a gorgeous mix of all tracks from all five albums released, kicking off with Moving To New York, we already know we’re set for an energetic evening. Both old and new fans of The Wombats will be delighted with the mix shared, but we’ve compiled a list of other tracks we would LOVE to see added as well as picking our faves on the playlist.

Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) will absolutely have everyone up, dancing and singing along. One of the more fast paced tracks, you’re barely given a moment to catch you breath. With its electro pop sound and fuzzy guitars, it shares an iconic sound we know of The Wombats. The lyrics are so simple and easy to get stuck in your head and the song holds moments that are perfect to sing lines with an extra punch of passion.

Turn, is an absolutely stunning from Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, it’s a track thats going to be phenomenal live as the lyrics hold so much intense passion already, that adding in fans who love the music singing it will just make it so much more special. This track is bold and powerful that you can’t help but sing your lungs out to. It’s a great track that shows off a slower vibe to the band were so used to hearing fast pace and up beat tracks. Theres a hopeless romantic feel, with some weird lyrics thrown in against infectious instrumentals.

Throwing back to 2011, 1996 is one of those songs you just NEED to hear live. This song holds the cool electro pop sounds that are often found with music from The Wombats, alongside their distinctive and iconic lyric writing. 1996 has an incredible summer festival feel, but also one that just feels perfect for an arena tour. 1996 is a track that sometimes feel massively under rated considering how catchy and good it is, hopefully adding this track to the setlist will jog everyones memories of what a banger of a track it is.

Another brilliant choice on the shared set list comes as Lemon to a Knife Fight, this track. The title alone is enough to make you giggle, but this track is punchy as well as being all kinds of catchy. With relatively simple instrumental parts, vocals and lyrics truly shine through on this one. If this track gets played, be prepared to sing along!

Going further back into The Wombats history, Jump Into The Fog as a huge fan favourite that we’d so desperately love to see added. The funky opening of the track has you from the get go and pulls you in with the storytelling vibe that catches so many fans attention.

After the viral success of Oliver Nelsons Greek Tragedy, it would be mad to leave this track off the list. We’re not sure if the order on Spotify is the order we’ll hear tracks in, but going out on this one is a pretty great way to do it. The bright opening that flows into the drums and guitar is something you know within seconds what track you’re listening to.

Whats most exciting with this tour is getting to hear tracks from Fix Yourself, Not The World on a full arena tour. Finally achieving a much deserved Number 1 spot; it’s going to be great hearing fans sing these songs live with the band for the first time. Everything I Love Is Going To Die is a track off this album that you have to play loud, and one that will sound even better performed live on stage. It’s not on the setlist currently, but one that would be a hugely welcome addition.

Method To The Madness was the first track we got to hear with this new era of The Wombats music. Hearing this live over the summer at a range of festivals, theres no doubt this song HAD to be on the setlist and we’re so glad to see it it. Theres an incredibly slow and mellow start to the track with such delicate vocals. As the track progresses to its final build up mid way through the song, theres a huge sense of anticipation before everything fires off into loud and unapologetic.

The 13 tracks The Wombats have shared for their setlist all stand out as incredible songs that show the scope of talent the band has. Having to build a setlist when you have such an extensive library of stand out music is a tough task, so cutting it down to these 13 tracks deserves some celebration. We already know the trio consistently and continually put on a high energy performance to fans with their love of the music bursting at the seams. This arena tour is one you’ll be counting down for and barely be able to contain the excitement.


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