Gearing us up for the forthcoming Florence + the Machine album Dance Fever, we have now been treated to brand new music video for the fourth single Free. So far we have heard the stunning singles My Love, King and Heaven is Here, all of which continue to exceed the already high bar set by one of the most iconic artists in the UK. Featuring acclaimed actor Bill Nighy posing as Florence’s anxiety, this brand new video is comical and bright, while tackling a tricky subject.

With such an upbeat and fun energy, it’s a complete contradiction to the true feeling of anxiety, which is so perfectly portrayed. Having such a suffering feeling that anxiety can present, Free almost feels like medicine. Sharing such vulnerable, honest and relatable lyrics this new track is one to really help pull you out of a slump and make you feel less alone. Much like the title listing to this infectious dance bop, you truly feel like you have almost 5 minutes of freedom from the darker sides of life.

Watch the video for Free below:

There isn’t too much longer to wait for Dance Fever either. Landing on May 13th via Polydor Records, the album was recorded in London over the course of the pandemic in anticipation of the world’s reopening. It’s a collection that shares things that were missed most during endless lockdowns- clubs, dancing at festivals, being in the whirl of movement and togetherness—and the hope of reunions to come.

With Florence Welch’s whimsical vocals it’s impossible not to be fully drawn into everything she puts out, the excitement and anticipation for this next album is truly unmatched.

Don’t forget to pre-order and pre-save Dance Fever HERE!


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