The wait is finally over for Sea Girls second album, Homesick. We may only be three months into 2022, but this album is a strong contender for album of the year. The Indie quartet have comfortably found their sound and own every second of it. While we still get their distinctive indie banger sound, we’re also treated to branching out pushing their limits. Everything this band does becomes just that bit more impressive. With this album, were given an insight into the mind of Henry, pulled back into a totally different stage of his life. This 13 track album gives us the high energy and sing along soundtrack we loved from debut album Open Up Your Head, while also allow us to see a more personal and vulnerable side to the guys.

Sharing their first single from this album, Sick, it made a mark this next release was going to be something different and is an instant attention hook. We know and love Sea Girls for their guitar fulled tracks with massive hooks. Sick is such a punchy song and one that did such a perfect job to set us up for this new era. Theres no denying the angst and emotion poured into this track and it’s one that shows off the frustration and reflection of being back home.

Opening track Hometown gives us that powerful and familiar sound. Filled with lyrics that flow off the tongue and get stuck so easily in your head. Frontman Henry Camamile’s vocals shine through as usual. With his sunning and distinctive voice, it’s one that stands out and could melt even the toughest hearts. This is something that comes through even harder and stronger with third track Lonely, one that is going to be beyond incredible on the summer festival circuit.

From the first moment initially hearing Lonely on tour, it was a track I instantly fell in love with and one that would be an instant fan favourite. The reception from crowds was instant and infectious. With Homesick finally out for everyone to indulge in, it’s a track thats likely to be one of the most played songs of the year. Fully stripped back to basic instruments, vocals, and simplistic whistle (paying tribue to Errico Morricone), this track is a perfect example of the bands talent. One thing that stands out with Sea Girls is how much the lyrics stick with you and give off distinctive feel reminiscent of fellow indie icons The Wombats.

Someone’s Daughter feels like the ultimate relatable track. With an experience we’ve all gone through or will go through, having a track that reflects on all the aspects of a relationship thats been and gone it fits in so well with the idea of being back in your childhood or teenage town. Its calm opening builds into a much bigger and sonic sound that beautifully screams Sea Girls energy.

Sleeping With You is another track that we got to hear as a single in the run up to this release, and another one that beautifully shines off the vulnerability this album is wanting to express. With such calming and delicate vocals it still somehow managed to feel loud and massive. Singing along to this track, it’s one that really forces emotions out of you, even if you don’t want to feel them. It’s one of those songs where if it catches you at the right point in your life you may find yourself fighting back the tears and failing. Sleeping With You is another track on this album that shows off the beauty of completely stripping the music down to the basics and letting that shine for itself.

Flowing beautifully on, Paracetamol Blues, the opening of this track gives off a massive 80s vibe. It’s hard to pin point what makes this track feel so special and stand out, but it’s an obvious favourite. It’s got an edge of resentment to yourself while still wanting to feel better and shut down that vibe, its another one that perfectly pulls back that sonic sound sea girls have so perfectly refined.

Lucky stands out as a track that especially shows off the evolving sound Sea Girls have developed for this second album and one that can quite easily catch you off guard. Listening to the track theres moments with a distinctive influence in sound from the likes of Of Monsters and Men and The Lumineers. Something you wouldn’t expect to hear within the mix, but at the same time something that feels so natural.

Starting to bring the album to a close on track 11, Friends, is an incredible stand out track. You’re left feeling like you’ve been taken through a proper journey with this album and reaching that final act peak. With a stunning intro that leads into incredible and rough guitar riff that boarders on feeling so addictive you need to rewind the track and just enjoy it a little more. Although we’re all sick of talking and hearing about the pandemic, Friends definitely had a feeling that you’re being reminded to live in the moment and not take anything for granted.

Watch Your Step is another track that is will absolutely go off on the summer festival circuit. Further adding to the bright and rounding off feel of the album, you’ll find the lyrics so ingrained in your brain without realise and end up continually singing them.

If you’re only just delving into the world of Sea Girls, Homesick is certainly an album that will send you on a deep dive of their entire discography. From start to finish the entire album feels flawless. With an album and multiple EP’s already released, you’ll be hard pressed to find a single bad track previously released. Homesick adds a further 13 tracks to a perfect streak of music. The more you listen to this album, the more you realise the obvious, Sea Girls are unstoppable and will forever be a delight to fully indulge in.

Check out Homesick below!


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