Today Sea Girls delighted fans everywhere with the sudden news of their highly anticipated second album Homesick being released a week early. With their most recent single release Lonely still so fresh in our minds, it’s beyond exciting theres even less time for fans to wait to hear the entire album in its full glory.

Sharing the news in a surprise fun video on twitter, the band shared the perfect news for a midweek pick me up.

With this latest album theres a big shift in the sound Sea Girls created with their debut album, Open Up Your Head. Each and every release the band puts out sees the bar they’ve set being continually raised. From the get go, Sea Girls have been a band you want to watch and need in your playlists. Over the past few years it has become more and more obvious the huge level of talent the band poses; as well as a drive to make their sound and mark bigger with each move forward.

Homesick now comes out Friday 18th March, with a new recent release of Hometown inspired exclusive bundles with are available to order HERE!


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