Halflives have made a lasting impression on both pop and rock fans alike with their catchy, punchy tracks and solid live performances. Back before the pandemic had started we caught up with vocalist Linda Battilani, when the band had a big year ahead of them, with a UK tour and an appearance at 2000trees Festival. Thankfully they’ll be returning to the UK, supporting Against The Current at the end of this month and will also be back for 2000trees!

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 and as part of our special feature we caught up with Linda to find out more about the women who inspire her and her thoughts on the industry…

What women in the industry inspire you?
Hayley Williams
always has and always will! She’s the reason why I’m here answering these questions today. More recently, Taylor Swift – I like how ballsy she is towards injustice in the music industry.

What women inspire you in general?
Emily Dickinson – she was born too early, but thank God she was.
Jodie Comer – her acting inspired my writing, and her characters too. I don’t know much about who she is because she’s a very private person and I respect that (so am I).

Tell us your current top 3 favourite female artists? And favourite tracks of theirs?
Dua Lipa – Physical
Taylor Swift – ivy, All Too Well, Look What You Made Me Do (I’m not picking!)
Charlotte Sands – Bad Day, Special

How would you describe your experience as a woman in the music industry?
So far I wouldn’t say that being a woman has been a limit, thankfully. If that ever happens, it’s such a trigger for me to be reminded that it still exists nowadays that you will surely hear about it, I doubt I’ll be silent. I have already heard of discrimination such as “we already have our dose of female artists on this festival” but it has not happened directly to me (as far as I know). I find it a disgrace that this still exists. Fuck the patriarchy 🙂

What needs to happen within the music industry to make it better for women?
More women at the top (big companies, labels…). I don’t know one single label owner that is a woman. Allison Hagendorf had an important position at Spotify, now she’s not there anymore and I’m even curious to see if the next person (if he’s a man) will give as much visibility to women as she used to.

What advice would you give to aspiring female artists?
Act as if gender didn’t matter, because it actually doesn’t.

Any inspiring words you’d like to share to all women this International Women’s Day?
If they make you feel like you can’t do it because you’re a woman (because they’ll never tell you directly), hit them with your car. That’s a metaphor (or maybe not). “Women can’t drive” anyway. 🙂

What track of yours would you recommend we listen to in order to feel like empowered women?
Crown any day.


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