Canadian, alt-pop, singer-songwriter Vi is gearing up to release her debut LP, Afterlife, out on March 23rd. The new release follows on from her 2019 blackwater EP release and is set to mark a new era for her music. Vi draws inspiration from heartbreak and hardship and after taking a hiatus to reflect and focus she has so much she wants to say and we’re ready to hear it. Dive into our special International Women’s Day 2022 interview with Vi…

What women in the industry inspire you?
Banks is my all-time biggest inspiration. The power and meaning behind her lyrics move me in a way that no other artist has before. I feel like she’s speaking right to me when I listen to her music and listening to how she expresses herself has taught me how to express vulnerability in my own songwriting. 

What women inspire you in general? 
Honestly, all the women that I work with and all the women I continue to cross paths with are so inspiring. I’m naturally creating a network of supportive people and it’s a great feeling to be surrounded by other women creatives following their passions. It helps to create such a safe space, which allows an openness to share art and empowers me to be vulnerable with my music.

Tell us your current top 3 favourite female artists and favourite tracks of theirs.
There are sooooo many that I could list off but I would say my current rotation is: 

Qveen Herby – Love Myself 

Dounia – Gloom

Charlotte Cardin – Sad Girl 

How would you describe your experience as a woman in the music industry?
I feel like especially lately, my team has been expanding to be a team full of amazing women. I think it’s super empowering to be surrounded by women because they just understand you on a different level. They also have your back in ways men won’t. Women just get it. 

In your opinion, what needs to happen within the music industry to make it better for women?
I think it’s crucial to have more women producers. There just aren’t enough of them. The connectedness between women is very powerful, so to have that translated into the studio more often would be amazing. The studio is meant to be an open and safe space, which I feel a lot of women prioritize. And don’t get me wrong – there are lots of fantastic men out there, but it’s sometimes a different experience. 

What advice would you give to aspiring female artists?
Know what you deserve, don’t settle for less and pay attention to power imbalances. Express your view on the world and how you experience it wholeheartedly through your music. Also, trust is something that is earned. 

Any inspiring words you’d like to share to all women this International Women’s Day?
Take time away from social media. Connect with who you are and give your brain a break from comparison. Know your worth and stand by that. Fill your life with things that make you feel the most alive. 

What track of yours would you recommend we listen to in order to feel like empowered women?
Getting Even! This song is all about vengeance. It’s about getting your power back from the person that tried taking it. The lyrics, production and energy of the song will make anyone feel like a badass when they listen to it.

Listen to Getting Even below:

Listen to more from Vi:


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