Indie favourites, The Wombats, made a huge return in 2021 with their single Method To The Madness, a twist on the nostalgic sound while still remaining true to their sound. With their brand new album, Fix Yourself, Not The World now released, it gives a massive reminder of all the reasons to love The Wombats and shows they’re no where near done keeping us on our toes with hugely infectious new sounds.

Being a fan of The Wombats for over a decade, it’s hard to professionally express my thoughts on this album without it sounding like a gushing profession of love. In all honestly it’s what is deserved. Every track on this album feels full of purpose and polished to the highest possible standard.

This latest album has been highly anticipated with fans, hearing the singles shared from the band, it’s obvious why. You Flip Me Upside Down acts as the perfect opener, teasing a new sound and with a high energy that gears you up for the following 11 tracks.

The mellow opening of This Car Drives All By Itself leads so smoothly into a full on bop that has an electric and science fiction feel to it. After hearing a few of the new tracks at Reading Festival 2021, it’s hard not to picture hearing this song played to a huge crowd of fans enjoying the sunshine. This track shared as the latest single, houses a metaphor of coming to terms with humanities helplessness. The metaphor is hilariously brought to life with the band’s brand new video; seeing the band frantically racing around a scalextric track in cars controlled by children. If you’ve been lucky enough to see The Wombats live you’ll know their shows are beyond fun and this video certainly embodies that.

Sharing his thoughts, Front man Matthew “Murph” Murphy shared; “The song’s about how maybe we’re not as in control of our lives as we think we are, and that time and entropy are pretty powerful things. We row but the universe steers, and I want to learn to be ok with that. It all just came together and I’m so proud of how it turned out,”

Talking on the album Dan Haggis shared: “We’re so excited for people to hear this new album! We’ve explored new genres and pushed ourselves further than ever musically. It will always stand out for us in our memories from our other albums as we recorded it across three cities during lockdown, and we weren’t all in the same room at the same time!”

If You Ever Leave I’m Coming With You feels like one of the best tracks to describe this album. It’s got the iconic Wombats lyrics that flow beautifully off your tongue, while showing off a distinctive new sound. Although there’s a definite change in sound, it’s still undeniably the catchy and nostalgic indie music we know and love of The Wombats. The chorus on this track is one of many on the album that you cant resist singing along to no matter the setting.

Ready For The High boasts an almost glam rock sound to it. With a heavier opening this leads into an almost flirtatious feeling. The whole song oozes a huge level of confidence. Everything about this, from the lyrics to the fuzzy guitars and trumpets, feels so incredibly smooth and slick, there’s nothing to fault on this.

With a big contrast Method To The Madness follows. It’s the track that introduced us to this new era of The Wombats and it’s easily one of my favourite tracks from the album (albeit incredibly hard to have a favourite with such a solid album). This track in particular stands out for its slow build up, leading into such a punchy peak. Listening to the track you can’t ignore the obvious passion going into every lyric sung. It’s got a level of angst, while feeling like a cathartic release.

As with all Wombats music, once you’re in you’re hooked on the tracks and can’t help but sing the songs… often you’ll start without intending or meaning to. People Don’t Change People, Time Does is that track for me. After countless listens to this album; it’s one of the songs that has stuck with me the most and damn near impossible to get out of my head.

Wildfire is another track that had me completely hooked. It has a groovy and strong musical opening and gives a bit of a throwback to older hits from the trio. This song felt so good to listen to through headphones and just completely sink into the instrumentals of the track. It felt like getting a burst of sunshine that made you think summer is just around the corner. Giving a bit of an old school throw back, Don’t Poke The Bear feels like a proper nostalgia hit, with a bit of a silly feel to it and simple, but catchy lyrics, going into a dreamy breakdown it’s a song for everyone.

The whole album feels flawless start to finish. It’s one you need to put on and listen through, allowing yourself to fully indulge in this triumphant return. The Wombats show off everything there is to love about indie music and its addictive feel good nature, even if there is a side of existentialism thrown in. Fix Yourself, Not The World is an album where hearing the tracks live is going to be a truly beautiful experience. With a whole host of live dates announced, it’s safe to say the countdown is on.

UK Arena Tour Dates:

14 April 2022 – First Direct Arena, Leeds – support from Sports Team and The Night Café
15 April 2022 – The O2, London – support from Sports Team and The Night Café
16 April 2022 – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff – support from Sports Team and The Night Café
18 April 2022 – Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow (SOLD OUT) – support from Sports Team
19 April 2022 – Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow – support from Sports Team
21 April 2022 – Mountford Hall, Liverpool – support from The Night Café
22 April 2022 – Mountford Hall, Liverpool (SOLD OUT) – support from The Night Café
23 April 2022 – Mountford Hall, Liverpool (SOLD OUT) – support from The Night Café
26 May 2022 – Open Air Theatre, Scarborough

European Tour Dates:

29 April 2022 – La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Paris (France)
01 May 2022 – Carlswerk Victoria, Cologne (Germany)
02 May 2022 – Übel & Gefährlich, Hamburg (Germany)
04 May 2022 – Slaktkyrkan, Stockholm (Sweden)
05 May 2022 – Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo (Norway)
06 May 2022 – DR Koncerthuset, Copenhagen (Denmark)
07 May 2022 – Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin (Germany)
09 May 2022 – Gasometer, Vienna (Austria)
10 May 2022 – Backstage Werk, Munich (Germany)
12 May 2022 – Estragon, Bologna (Italy)
13 May 2022 – Fabrique, Milan (Italy)
14 May 2022 – Komplex 457, Zurich (Switzerland)
16 May 2022 – De Roma, Antwerp (Belgium)
17 May 2022 – Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
18 May 2022 – De Oosterpoort, Groningen (Netherlands)
19 May 2022 – TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht (Netherlands)

Festival Dates:
24 July 2022 – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield

For more information and tickets, visit The Wombats official website.

Check out the album below:


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