Kings Elliot finds comfort and connection through her music and songwriting and allows listeners to do the same on new debut EP Chaos In My Court.

The British-Swiss artist, who suffers from BPD and anxiety has used her songwriting as a way to document and open up about her experiences. Her songs express this vulnerability through their lyrics and themes and, across the five tracks of the EP, Kings Elliot finds solace in translating these struggles and experiences into song. 

The opening track I’m Getting Tired Of Me, is an example of this empowering and real songwriting and it is no surprise her discography has been related to by millions of listeners so far. The new single The Outsider also follows the struggle of feeling like you never fit in and the artist described how feeling “separated from everyone else’s reality” inspired her to begin crafting the song.

The vocals, emotional lyricism and stunning aesthetic of the EP illuminates Kings Elliot as a promising young artist and exhibits Chaos In My Court as a perfect debut. 

Chaos In My Court tracklist:

  1. I’m Getting Tired of Me
  2. Dancing Alone
  3. Call Me a Dreamer
  4. The Outsider
  5. Bitter Tonic

Check out Chaos In My Court HERE!


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