American Rock band Ban Suns fourth album is finally here. Apocalypse Whenever can simply be described as dreamy start to finish. This latest release is a welcome delight comes at a perfect time where we’ve still got some dark and gloomy weather, but we know brighter days are ahead.

While listening to this album its hard not to picture warm summer nights dancing with friends. Opening title track Apocalypse Whenever sets up for what is a truly dreamy and nostalgic sounding album. With a slow burning opening it’s almost warming you up for whats to come. With gentle guitars and gorgeous vocals it almost feels like you’re being hypnotised into indulging in this album and leaving the world behind.

Theres so many catchy melodies mixed up with memorable guitar riffs it gives a feeling of the soundtrack to a coming of age movie. Everything about the album feels light and breezy with the odd punchy beat thrown in to make sure you’re still paying attention and haven’t fully fallen into a trance.

With an overall dreamy and romantic feel, Wishing Fountains, gives a bit of a mid album break. A slower few moments to help you unwind and get ready to get up to dance again. Life Was Easier When I Only Cared About Me is a song full of energy and filled with a funky electro beat. It’s definitely a song thats good to listen to when you need a boost. Truly embracing the electro and fuzzy sounds it boasts an almost robotic break down before diving right back into the catchy lyrics that’ll definitely get stuck in your head.

Full of synth, nostalgia, and a pop-rock sound; bad suns have provided the perfect album to help you forget the gloomy weather for 13 blissful tracks and get you ready for the excitement of summer nights filled with friends and music. This album is one that embodies warm summer evenings at music festivals while lounging about in the sunshine. Listening to this album you’ll find it difficult to get out of your head or not feel in a much better mood.

All round the album is lighthearted and a lot of fun.

Check out Apocalypse Whenever in full below:


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