Angry at the lies and deceit from the UK government, country pop singer, songwriter Gemma Louisianna releases surprise new single Fire To Burn.

Feeling that now was the perfect time to release the single, with her poignant lyrics reflecting the current state of the UK and the embarrassment of the Prime Minister and Government, Gemma Louisianna releases her sixth single; Fire To Burn, released a month early! This short, but sweet, single has hypnotic backing to accompany the wonderful vocals sung by Louisianna, as was fantastically produced by Jack Galloway from Sky Top productions.

Listen to Fire To Burn below:

Louisianna comments “It was written in the first lock down and is called Fire To Burn, essentially the theme of the song is that it doesn’t always take a fire (the obvious) to make something fall apart or burn to the ground, it’s usually something in the background (the gov) that is the biggest killer.”

Born in Peterborough and now based in London, Gemma Louisianna has written over 200 songs, of which the world has only heard a select few. Gemma fell in love with poetry from a very early age and at poetry competition that she won, at the age of seven saw her first piece published in a children’s compilation. The same year she received her first guitar as a gift from her grandad and turned her notebook poems into songs and hasn’t looked back since. Louisianna takes her influences from both pop and country music and inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, Ryan Hurd and JP Saxe.

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