If you’ve not yet heard of Bears in Trees I reckon you’ve got about 12 months to jump on the bandwagon before you’re accused of just jumping on the bandwagon. When I sat down to write up this review I struggled to find an opening that would do the band justice. Bears in Trees radiate joy. Somehow, even when writing about serious topics, they create a joyous, effervescent tone that transports you to a bright and sunny alternative reality. 

They’ve come a long way from the days of DIY videos with the video for Heaven Sent Is A Coffee Cup being set in a bleak and dreary coffee shop. It takes only a matter of seconds for the facade to slip and the band to come to life in a pop of colour. The joy continues as the video progresses, with the band taking on additional characters and finishing up in a gleeful prom-esque scene with a quick stop off at the beach along the way. 

The video encapsulates every possible word I could use to describe Bears in Trees. It’s joyful, goofy, fun, delightful, cheerful and heartwarming and truly showcases their personality. Despite being together for some years and gaining an enormous online following, the band have only recently released their debut studio album ‘and everybody else smiled back.’ Described as a living story the album deals with themes of first time independence, sexual and emotional trauma and picking your friends up in the aftermath. 

I started off writing this review unsure of whether or not I could do the band justice. I can’t. But what I can tell you is that after listening to them on repeat whilst writing, my heart is filled with joy, love and hope because that, my friends, is the Bears in Trees effect. This is my favorite Bears in Trees video yet, but I encourage you to watch them all to find your own.  

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