New Rules have taken social media by storm this past year. They have racked up over a million followers on TikTok, as well as 490 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. Their UK tour was originally scheduled for October 2020, but was unfortunately postponed due to the pandemic. It’s been a long wait, but New Rules are now back on stage and putting on an energetic and immersive show, along with their support acts Nathan Gurd and Nathan Smoker.

First on the stage at London’s O2 Shepherds Bush Empire was Nathan Gurd, who immediately set the electric tone for the evening. His energetic nature was evident in his songs, but also his dance routines that he carried out with two backup dancers. Performing originals and covers of hits such as Drivers License, he definitely did not disappoint.

Nathan Smoker’s performance followed, which was equally as entertaining. His vocals are strong, and convey his passion for music very well. He too performed original tracks as well as some covers, ranging from acoustic to more lively tracks.

This was my first time seeing New Rules live, and they definitely did not disappoint. The show opened with dramatic flashing lights, followed by the members appearing on stage to a sea of adoring fans. They opened up with one of their more recent hits, Really Wanna Dance With You, which is upbeat and got the crowd on their feet and dancing. The energy was electric and exciting to be around.

Watch the music video for Really Wanna Dance With You:

Although the band doesn’t actually have an album out, they still have a wide range of hits from previously released EP’s and some newer releases. One track that I was particularly excited to hear live was Happy Ever After You. The track is combined with meaningful lyrics and their signature vibrant sound which can be heard in many of their hits.

Throughout the show, the band really did prove that they know how to put on a show. Not only are their vocal capabilities amazing, but all three members play the guitar throughout, further emphasising their musical skills. The guitar riffs were loud and their talent mesmerised everyone in the room. Wherever you were in the venue, you could feel their vigorous energy.

New Rules are also very well known online for a segment they do on TikTok, where they take a name from the comments and write a song for that individual. Excitingly enough for the fans, they decided to bring this on the road with them. They chose a name from somebody attending the show and performed their personal song right there, live, to them on stage. This made the show much more personable and unique, and everybody could get involved in the excitement, as this particular song was sung in the style of Jolene by Dolly Parton, which is a melody that most are familiar with.


PT. 22 JODIE 🦋 We wrote a #namesong for Jodie because she came to our show in London 📍 #fyp #Jodie

♬ original sound – New Rules

As well as playing their most popular hits, including the likes of Pasta and Emily, the audience were also lucky enough to hear their catchy new single Cheers before its release on December the 3rd.

Overall, the show was extremely entertaining. With a mix of acoustic and lively songs, and we even got to see the band cover popular songs such as Stay by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. Being able to see a band that you have watched grow hugely over the past year headline the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire is an amazing feeling. It adds so much more meaning to your experience as an audience member, and the atmosphere was even more special being surrounded by hundreds of fans that share the same love for their music.


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