California four-piece, Ultra Q have shared their brand new EP, Give Yourself A Friend. Led by Jakob Armstrong, Ultra Q gives a nostalgic throwback to early 2000s indie pop rock hits. For those craving a dose of old school Kaiser Chiefs, Kings Of Leon and Franz Ferdinand with an emo twist this is the band for you.

With some tracks feeling like they could fit beautifully in a video game and others sounding like the soundtrack to your teenage years, Ultra Q are pushing for something totally new while still hitting you in those familiar memories. Following in his dads footsteps, Jakobs distinctive voice shines through while fellow band mates create the perfect instrumentals.

Talking on the EP, Jakob shared:

We have our thesis track. The start of this song came when Enzo had sent me a Prodigy-esque electronica demo that repeated the line “get yourself a friend”. We then took that line and created what would become the chorus of this song. The rest of the track is just a sludge of D.I. guitars and loose drums that propel the lazy nature of the song. Stefan (from PUP) also helped to arrange this one as well.  I think this track sums up what this EP is supposed to be, a coming-of-age farewell to our youth. It’s about being young and in love. Being reckless, and overstimulated. Feeling like the tragedies in your life are permanent and without any direction. We’ve grown up, even if it’s ever so slight. 

After spending the best part of a year stuck inside a house lends itself perfectly to reflection, reevaluation, and revision. During this time a lot of us found ourselves picking up new hobbies or finally kicking off those passion projects we could never find time for. For Jakob Armstrong these months were spending fine tuning a collection of songs first recorded in late 2019. A prolonged process led to what we now have as Get Yourself A Friend. The five tracks that are perfectly formed to each stand out in their own way; giving a delicate nod to Green Days sound while making sure there is

Check out Get Yourself A Friend below!


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