Self proclaimed “dirtbag boyband” Bears In Trees have finally shared their long awaited debut album. Building an enormous fan base from their social media antics, they’ve gained a hugely deserved 200k+ Spotify followers. Since 2014 the band have worked continually to share their inclusive and welcoming spirit through highly infectious sounds.

There’s a level of unmatched and unique energy that Iain Gillespie (They/Them), Nicholas Peters (He/Him), George Berry (He/Him) and Callum Litchfield (He/Him) bring with their lo-fi indie pop tracks. Their debut album, and everybody else smiled back shows this off beautifully. There’s a perfect balance of charming and relatable lyrics mixed with a unique sense of humour and drive to create a safe space for fans; something especially important in the music scene.

Describing the album, the band says it’s like a living story. You’re taken on a walk through college house parties as the world is ending around you, with the day after, the everlasting love you feel as the lights are fading in your energy-saving bulbs.

Although we’ve come to know Bears In Trees for hugely up beat and bright music, this debut album isn’t one to shy away from the hard subjects. Exploring first-time independence, sexual and emotional trauma, and picking your friends up in the aftermath; it feels like a comforting guide through life. It shows off a feeling of despite everything, you can make it to the other side… even if it means feeling battered and bruised along the way.

From the second the first track starts you’re thrown right into a bright and energetic track that progresses to calmer moments with delicate and thoughtful lyrics. Good lyrics from your favourite bands will get hooked in your head. With first track, Cut Corners On Short Walks, you know every single word from every track is going to stick to you like superglue.

I’m doing push ups, the second single to be released boasts a steadier and calmer pace. With gentle plucks at a guitar it feels like a relaxing track that fits so well with reflective lyrics. Building up to the end of the track the song gets a little punchier and throws around a little bit of a rock sound about.

A personal stand out track from may listen throughs was Keep It Easy. A short and sweet track that could fit perfectly in any coming of age movie. At just over two minutes, it still packs in so much. With lyrics that’ll get you feeling everything while also helping you relax. Array of Light is a track that feels truly theatrical, a lot like Confidant. These tracks really add to the whole feel of being taken on a walk through live, with all the highs and lows and everything in between. Theres so much musically to take in that every time you listen to a track you can focus on a different element and it feels as exciting as listening to a new song for the first time.

Throughout the album you can easily feel different moments throughout the year with a track to fit every season. Little Cellist is a truly beautiful song, packed to the brim with emotion. It’s a song that would definitely help you feel a little brighter in your lowest or loneliest moments.

With this album there’s something that feels so magical, you’re taken on such an emotional ride and come out at the end of the record with such an uplifted vibe. Sun Machine is such a great example of this, and another favourite. Every track on the album stands out for one reason or another and it is really hard to pick favourites. Great Heights, the first single release of this album is another bright and punchy track. It’s got a distinctive Bears In Trees sound which is something so special about this band.

Klimt Painting brings the whole album to a perfect close. It’s got that epic feeling of going through a full character arc and like you’ve gone through something that will stick with you for a long time.

And everybody else smiled back is a truly incredible album and gorgeously shows off just the start of what Bears In Trees have to offer. With an infectious and motivational energy, it’s impossible not to crack a smile or giggle while engaging in their content. It’s a phrase that get passed around a lot, but this young quartet really are bringing something new and exciting to their genre.

Check out and everybody else smiled back below!


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