LA via Toronto singer, songwriter Abby Sage shares her new single When I Leave. The track is a noir ballad with tinges of old Hollywood grandeur that shine through the track’s lush atmosphere of orchestral synths, in which Abby wrestles with the two sides of herself, the vulnerable and the prideful. That paired with Sage’s plainspoken lyrics and blasé vocal delivery make it hard not to feel every word that she sings.

On the track Abby comments: “It’s about trying to communicate to somebody that you love them and want them to stay but fear ultimately prevents you from saying anything.

“The song ends by saying ‘I fucking hate it when I leave’ because in this case, I let pride and fear get the best of me and walked away from something I didn’t genuinely want to walk away from.”

Watch the video for When I leave below:

When I Leave is the latest single from Abby’s forthcoming six-track EP Fears of Yours & Mine (Out November 12th via Nettwerk). Created with the help of producer Jeff Hazin (glaive, renforshort, Anna Sofia), the EP is an introspective journey that while minimalist, emanates quiet confidence and pulls at the details. 

Growing up watching her dad perform at various clubs around Toronto, Abby was enchanted by the magic of the stage and crowd, and felt the pull towards creating something her own. She began writing and recording tracks with her musician dad, and by the start of high school, she was beginning to post her music to Soundcloud. After a year of isolation and writing, Abby had hundreds of songs to sift through with Jeff Hazin in Toronto, and eventually the two narrowed it to the six that make up her Fears of Yours & Mine EP. 

1. Smoke Break
2. Fever Dream 
3. Residing In The Sky 
4. Wasting Away 
5. When I Leave 
6. Space For Me 

You can stream the EP here.


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