“As a person who feels a lot intensely, it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by everything. One thing that kind of woke up the flame in me again, was music that reminded me that there is hope to feel good again. To feel love again. Everything shifts so rapidly and sometimes I lose track of where I’m going. Music helped me get back again.” 

Moyka’s debut single Illusion was released on September 17th following three previous single releases throughout 2021. These songs are beginning to craft the universe for Moyka’s debut album which is expected to be released on October 22nd, but the singer told her followers on Twitter she was excited to reveal more soon. Illusion is an example of Moyka’s electric and exciting grasp on her music through her sound and production whilst staying authentic through her genuine lyricism. 

Moyka finds herself losing touch of reality when she has a crush on someone – or daydreams about someone – only to wake up and realise it was only an illusion. The track is a fresh and much-needed pop sound and proves the singer is the “Pop Witch” she claims to be.

Moyka was born in southern Norway and began songwriting aged ten. Since then, the young artist has released an array of EPs and singles and has grown hugely in popularity since her first release in 2019 and currently has over 140,000 monthly followers on Spotify. Her debut album is certain to be an exciting collection of her storytelling and electro-pop sound, combining the energy of all her previous work across the last three years. You can follow Moyka on Twitter and keep up to date on all exciting information at @moykamusic.


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