Minneapolis-based group Early Eyes have announced that their debut album, Look Alive!, will be released on 25th February 2022 via Epitaph Records. 

To accompany their announcement, the band have shared a snippet of the album in the form of Chemicals, an upbeat track that not only displays their experimental talents, but also their reluctance to take themselves too seriously. 

Vocalist Jake Berglove reflects, “Chemicals was a song that started almost a bit like a comedy sketch. We were trying to make the most earnest, over-saccharine pop song and could not resist wrapping it in this pseudo-dad-bod-beers-up kind of package. We’ve always been the type of band that wasn’t afraid to have fun. I think Chemicals is yet another attempt at injecting a song with as much chaotic, shameless, and exciting energy as possible!”

This single follows the release of tracks Paresthesia and Revel Berry, which were dropped in July and offered the public their first glimpse into the sound and themes of Look Alive!. Unafraid to push boundaries, this album is set to exist in a genre-fluid space, combining everything from emo and post hard-core to musical theatre and Japanese city pop. 

Like everything else that has existed over the past year and a half, Look Alive! has not escaped the influence of Covid-19. Berglove explains, “It almost feels like Look Alive! is a direct response to the pandemic. We took all of that anxiety and angry energy and put it into making a really fucked up album.” 

Guitarist Joe Villano elaborates, “The album was not just an expression of all of our frustrations, but also an escape from it.

While the pandemic has shaken up humanity in countless negative ways, it’s comforting to know it has also produced some positives, and there’s no doubt that Look Alive! will fall into the latter category. 

Check out the track list for Look Alive! below:

  1. Big Sigh 
  2. Chemicals
  3. Paresthesia
  4. Revel Berry
  5. Catch You
  6. Rocket 
  7. Halloween 18
  8. Dying Plant
  9. Somewhere Overgrown
  10. Marathon
  11. Trust Fall

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