Back in August, Astræa released the lead single – and title track – for her EP Looking Up and has since released another two, titled Scars and Stranger. The official release of the EP ties all three songs together with the fourth track, Take Me Away, a song that Astræa described as “a tale of longing for freedom, escapism, and light after being locked away for so long”. 

The overall sound of the EP is inspired by Astræa’s classical background and influences and she explains how she loves “to create massive orchestral and cinematic landscapes” which this project has given her the chance and inspiration to do. Between the four songs, the self-produced video alongside Looking Up and a stripped back performance of Stranger, filmed in her living room. 

Stripped back version of Stranger:

The music and accompanying visuals construct the elegant and graceful aesthetic of the EP. Astræa has created a project that radiates optimism and light while exhibiting her talents as a musician and – after producing the EP in her living room – as a producer also. 

Astræa, who is now London based herself, played her first live show since 2019 at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters on October 14th. A perfect way for her to make her return to live music and to bring these four songs to life for an audience for the very first time. As things are looking up for the world of live music, it is also looking up for the talented and ethereal Astræa

Listen to the EP on Spotify now:


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