Glorious Mess is the five track debut EP by the London based singer Sophia Amato. As a collection of Amato’s latest singles, the EP is established with the strong aesthetic of power and originality. 

Sophia Amato takes inspiration from many genres such as soul, gospel and jazz, giving this collection of tracks a depth that few artists can achieve, at such an early stage of their career, alongside the oxymoron of the title, which displays the strong vision and concept that Amato has created to compliment her musical style. 

“Break ups, fuck ups, grow ups, this EP is a journey of deep acceptance,” she explains, “when you know what’s coming and you finally let it catch up with you. Ultimately showing up for yourself in full glory when life’s a little messy”. 

Described as “beautiful”, “luxuriously deep” and “spellbinding” by critics, the EP demonstrates a high level of lyricism, vocals and production which steadily launch Amato into the spotlight as a young and gifted artist. 

Anyone who appreciates the talent of fellow artists like Celeste or Arlo Parks, or those who are in need of a refreshing and elegant listen, should experience the magic of Glorious Mess. The EP is available on all streaming platforms now and you can check it out on Spotify below:


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