London-born singer-songwriter Tally Spear has just dropped a new punk-inspired pop track, which explores her tumultuous relationship with anxiety. When listening to the moody tone of the song, it’s quickly evident that the supposedly light-hearted title is at odds with the dark subject matter.

According to Tally, this is because she “wanted to use a metaphor of a ‘house’ to describe the mind, and build this visual concept of being ‘stuck in a fun house,’ playing on how something that is meant to be positive can easily turn dark and claustrophobic.”

Complete with a self-edited music video characterised by red and black visuals, Fun House is definitely one for fans of old-school emo music, the haunting pre-chorus vocals and subsequent drop into a riff-heavy chorus being eerily reminiscent of Evanescence’s Bring Me to Life. Yet, her pop sensibilities also bring something new to the table, the jolting melody of the verses giving the sensation that she is indeed in some kind of ‘Fun House’. It is this seamless interweaving of genres, inspired by her childhood love of icons such as Bob Dylan and Carole King, that so defines Tally’s distinctive sound.

As a trained pianist and self-taught guitarist, Tally has been writing and playing music from a young age. Music is not the extent of Tally’s passions, however. She has also written poetry and stories for as long as she can remember, and is particularly vocal about animal-rights activism and her love of sustainable fashion, having been raised as a vegan.

This single follows the 2020 release of Tally’s self-titled EP, which has accumulated 150k streams across streaming platforms. As gigs and festivals return to the music world, she will be making appearances at various venues, including Vegan Camp Out festival in August, and Brighton’s The Green Door Store in September.

Check out more of Tally Spears tracks below!


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