Singer-songwriter Ryan Wright has released her new single, Happy Birthday (Go F*** Yourself). The attitude-laden track is a compelling mix of Wright’s ethereal voice and acerbic and sardonic lyrics exploring the heartache that comes from being cheated upon.  

Wright’s music has some very diverse influences, including The Smiths, Roy Orbison, The Killers and Lana Del Rey, and has already drawn comparisons with some big names, including Lorde and Lennon Stella.

Aged just 11, Wright began writing songs and performing alongside her singer-songwriter father Todd, and by her teens the Virginia-native was already working in the studio. In 2019 she began producing her current EP, working with her father and Ethan Mentzer, formerly of The Click 5.

Wright’s lyrics are unashamedly personal, covering such themes as relationship issues, friend dramas and anxiety. She explains, “My songs are essentially my bottled-up emotions all being poured out in a way that makes them sound surreal. I wanted to make these very relatable experiences sound unfamiliar and strange–almost like listening to a soundtrack from an alternate reality.”

Check out the new track below!


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