Following the release of her debut EP Learning to Exist, Canadian singer Madisyn Gifford has dropped her new single Bare Minimum, a breakup anthem radiating the confidence gained from a post-relationship glow-up. 

On the single Madisyn explains, “Bare Minimum is a song all about coming into your own after a breakup and realizing that you deserved better throughout the relationship. It acknowledges the pain and bitterness that often comes along with moving on while also exploring themes of empowerment throughout the track. This was such a fun and important song for me to write and it meant so much to me in my own process of moving on. More than anything I hope that it can do the same thing for those who listen!”

Bare Minimum’s breakup theme expands upon the diverse topical spectrum found within Madisyn’s discography, the subject matter of which ranges from grief and mental health in tracks Without You and Ghost, to more playful topics in Voulez-Vouz and Black Coffee. The lyrics retain the honesty of her more serious releases, with lines such as “I hate that you still make me mad, no I don’t want to give you that” adding a further dimension to the empowering breakup anthem format, by acknowledging her lack of indifference. This vulnerability is masterfully intertwined with tongue-in-cheek lines like “I gave you all your hoodies back, should have thrown them in the trash”, ultimately achieving a light-hearted song with which many listeners will be able to identify.

Madisyn’s dynamic melodies and signature husky vocals are marking her as one to watch, with publications such as CLOUT labelling her as “one of the fiercest and most memorable new names in contemporary pop.” She is well on her way to becoming a household name, having accumulated over 167K Spotify streams and over 615K YouTube views since her debut release Without You

You can check out Bare Minimum here.

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