Maddie Glass has undoubtedly made an impression on listeners since arriving on the pop punk scene this year, and as the New York singer prepares to release her debut EP, Thank You For Breaking My Heart, she has blessed fans with an intriguing new single entitled, Space Boyfriend.

Akin to her lead single Livin’ In 2021, Space Boyfriend provides listeners with grunge inspired guitar riffs, punchy pop rock drums and raw distorted vocals that cleverly pierce through the melody and grab your attention. The chorus, with its myriad of harmonies, lifts you up to the stars and the verse, with its simple bass riff, quickly grounds you bringing you back to earth. So, with its raw production and theme of loveless despair, Space Boyfriend is undeniably a quintessential new pop punk record.

Link to Space Boyfriend below:

The lyrics of Space Boyfriend see Glass explore love and express her frustration, as she declares she is “tired of the New York guys pretending to be men” and “tired of the L.A. guys who only text now and then”. With this single, Glass seeks to take listeners on an inter-galactic journey away from the cities of New York and L.A. and instead to the planets of Venus and Mars, in search of the perfect boyfriend with her angst as rocket fuel and it is safe to say she does just that.

To a casual listener, Glass’ music may be reminiscent of an Avril Lavigne, but oh how wrong they would be. Glass is a new voice for Gen Z and unforgivingly explores the issues of today in her music. Whether it is mental health, social media or issues surrounding body confidence, Glass grapples with it in her music, making her far more profound and compelling than your average pop punk singer. So, whilst for now we enjoy Space Boyfriend, one can only wait in anticipation with pure excitement for the upcoming EP Thank You For Breaking My Heart

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