Tove Styrke has released her new single, Mood Swings. The track is the Swedish singer’s first single in three years, and is available to buy/stream now.

The laid-back pop song explores the subject of human identity, as well as Styrke’s own struggles with mental health and self acceptance. On the subject of her mental health, Styrke is very open about the challenges she’s faced, and how she channelled this into her new track. “Mood Swings is insane. It’s paying tribute to my best and worst sides. I really hate myself sometimes. But I’m trying really hard not to.” 

Recent years haven’t been easy for Styrke, as she explains. “These past three years I’ve been through depression, fell hard in love, survived a Swedish music reality TV-show, I got a car, I got stuck with millennial blues, I feel like an adult sometimes, I feel like I did as a child. I feel kinda free.”

The video for Mood Swings, which was directed by Gustav Stegfors, sees Styrke playing a range of different characters, an idea that came from the singer herself. “It’s my idea and creative concept and I’ve really tried my hardest to portray these characters in a respectful and loving way”, she says. “I love them. People are more complex than we allow them to be, and as different as these characters look on the outside, as much variation can be found inside one person.”

Mood Swings represents an evolution of the Swede’s music, one that she’s clearly very excited about. “This new project is musically like a fun puke! It’s all over the place, every song tells a story on its own and has its own mood.” Styrke adds, “I got epic love songs that sound like the 60’s next to tracks like Mood Swings and crazy bangers. I’M not even ready. I’m obsessed with it.”

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